Clean Energy

What we’re doing to build a cleaner, greener, brighter future.

Cleaner Cheaper
More Reliable

A new way to create and consume clean energy for your home.

Plico Energy allows people to create and consume their own solar power energy day and night and protect themselves from blackouts.

We are also collectively building a grid scale battery that will be used as a Virtual Power Plant and enable more variable renewable energy to enter our grid.  

Virtual Power Plant

A VPP is a network of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery systems working together to generate and store energy. 

A VPP is not a new concept. There has been extensive research conducted by industry experts, such as the CSIRO, Energy Networks Australia, Australian Energy Market Operator and Bloomberg.  All formed the opinion that the future of our grid lies with decentralised photovoltaics (PV) and batteries.

The Plico Energy VPP is initially targeting 5000 homes which will build the biggest battery in Australia.  This VPP will also have over 30MW of Solar Panels and be the largest controllable solar facility in the SWIS displacing 35KT of carbon emissions every year.

Our agreement with SUSI will see them contributing funds through to 2029. After that, they will leave the Plico Energy community with valuable VPP Energy Assets.

The community, with assistance from Starling Energy Group can then continue to seek benefits from the VPP into the future.

There is no set financial cap from SUSI or a limit on people signing up to Plico Energy so collectively we can build our VPP to be as big we want it to be.

A cloud-based distributed power plant that aggregates the capacities of heterogeneous distributed energy resources (DER).  In laymen’s terms, it’s a Community Energy Network where Members combine their efforts via our solar battery solutions to create and consume their own energy – ending our reliance on traditional climate- harming fossils and minimising our carbon footprint.


Plico Energy utilises the best technology available to the industry and continues to monitor and research emerging technologies as they are introduced to market.
In many instances, we’ve built our own technology to coordinate the install process and operations maintenance of our Virtual Power Plant to ensure greater quality control.
We’ve also sought out like-minded organisations offering the best hardware and software technology available in the industry to further strengthen our products and services, and help change the face of Australia’s energy grid.

Battery-driven Energy

The cloud-based Virtual Power Plant is powered by a community of battery solutions installed at individual houses. This collective power essentially ends reliance on the traditional energy grid and climate-harming fossil fuels.
By harnessing the power of the sun, energy is stored in battery inverter systems and can be used to power households later in the day once sunlight isn’t available.

Energy as a Service (EaaS)

In today’s world, many organisations are moving to a service business model, rather than consumers purchasing an outright product. Examples include Spotify
(music and podcasts), Uber (transport) and Netflix (subscription on-demand TV).
Instead of buying our cutting-edge battery solar solution outright, Plico Members are buying into a service – the equipment, maintenance and service are all inclusive.
Plico Energy offers more than a cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy source; we’re also helping people manage and get the most out of the assets installed in their homes.

Influencing the Future of the Grid

Plico Energy sees itself as a Market Disrupter: we’re doing something different. The way energy is created and consumed now is not sustainable and the planet is suffering as a consequence. But it doesn’t have to continue in the same way.

The future of the energy industry is here. Battery-driven Virtual Power Plants can:

  • Improve grid reliability
  • Reduce peak energy periods in the morning and afternoon, and
  • Assist with voltage issues

Investment in the Future

By joining the Plico Movement, Members can not only have an immediate impact on minimising their carbon footprint by creating and consuming their own energy, they’re also investing in their future.
They’re investing in the future of the planet by switching to a cleaner, greener energy solution. They’re also investing in the future of Plico Energy.
In 10 years, our Swiss infrastructure fund manager investors, SUSI Partners, will exit and hand over all assets to Plico and its community – creating even cheaper energy bills.

Energy Security

There is much debate around the state of Australia’s energy infrastructure, particularly how it will perform in the near future. With Plico Energy, you don’t have to worry.

All assets are maintained and serviced for life, ensuring your solar battery solution is performing at its peak day after day, year after year.
Blackouts are a thing of the past thanks to our backup circuits, which come as standard in each installation.

Business Built for Life

Our business model is built to last. With $50 million invested by Swiss Infrastructure fund manager, SUSI Partners, Plico Energy is looking to change the face of the energy industry for decades to come.

All equity funds will be used – meaning no debt – and after 10 years SUSI Partners will exit, transferring all ownership to DCEP.