Terms & Conditions

Club Connector Program

Starling Energy Commitment

$250 Member Referral Payments

Term: 2 years, renewable automatically unless 30-day notice provided by Starling Energy

$250 (Referral Fee) paid to Club for each club member (Prospective Member) who signs into a Plico Energy VPPSA agreement and installs a system (Successful Installation)

Prospective Member is introduced to Staring Energy via a dedicated Club landing page provided by Starling Energy (co-branded Plico /Club)

Prospective Member must:
Not be known to Starling Energy at time of referral, or
If known, has not had any engagement with Starling Energy over the last 6 months

Referral Fee will be paid twice a year for all Successful Installations in the previous 6 months.

Club Commitment

Promotional Plico Energy Branding and Club Connector promotion 

Participating Clubs shall:

Include the Plico Energy brand on the Club website (and Facebook Page)

Promote the Plico Energy Club Connector Program through Club member correspondence (e.g. weekly newsletters, bulk email correspondence to members, social posts, posters in Club House etc)

Treat Plico Energy as a sponsor, and offer any relevant sponsor benefits such as logo acknowledgment and signage

Celebrate each Successful Installation of a club member on social media

Celebrate the impact that funds raised through the Plico Energy Club Connector Program on social media, and online news articles