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From $36.50 per week, create and consume your own energy thanks to our battery-driven Virtual Power Plant

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Cost of your daily coffee

With solar panels, inverter, batteries, app, setup and installation included, it’s time to say goodbye to bill shock forever.


Save Money Today

For the cost of your daily coffee, Members can save money on their energy bills today. As quick as it takes to join the movement online, Plico Energy will organise installation of our solar battery solution to help Members create and consume their own energy.


Blackout Protection

Blackouts are a thing of the past thanks to our backup circuits, which come as standard in each installation. This ensures our solar battery solutions continue to create and generate energy throughout traditional blackout events.


Bills over $300

We do a thorough check of each Member’s current energy usage and bills to ensure Plico Energy makes financial sense. One of our critical pre-qualifying questions is understanding your current energy bill costs – for households that regularly attract bills of $300-plus a cycle, Plico will save you money and help save the future of the planet.


Existing Solar can still Benefit

Many consumers have already taken the steps to install solar photovoltaic panels on their houses to help mitigate growing energy costs. However, our solar battery solutions ensure consumers don’t just benefit when the sun is shining.

Households with existing solar panels who still attract bills over $300 per cycle will benefit by joining the movement.

Those who have been involved in the Government’s buy- back scheme will have an old solar PV system, therefore will benefit by joining the movement and receiving updated, state-or-the-art technology that is maintained and serviced for life.



40/40/20 is a rule of thumb when it comes to energy costs. In summary:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels can save households up to 40% off their energy bills
  • By including a battery storage system, households can save an additional 40% off their energy bills

This leaves approximately 20% still being pulled from the traditional grid; however, with the appropriate advice and education around energy consumption, households can reduce that 20% to almost nothing!


$5 a day becomes $1 a day

In 10 years, our Swiss infrastructure fund manager investors, SUSI Partners, will exit and hand over all assets to Plico Energy and its community – creating even cheaper energy bills.

For Members, their daily energy costs will reduce from $5 per day (the cost of your daily coffee) to as little as $1 a day.

As part of Plico’s 25 year Plan, it means Members will essentially average $1-$2 of energy costs per day across that period.


Contract Flexibility

We understand life has it’s ups and downs, which is why we’ve designed our contracts to be as flexible as possible.

Our cutting-edge solar battery solutions cost $12,500 out-right; however, that figure decreases with every year of the contract.


No Bill Shock

$36.50 per week. That’s all you have to pay for 10 years, after which weekly payments will be reduced. Never fear about opening your energy bill again.

In addition to providing up to 90% renewable energy, Plico Energy aims to educate Members on their energy consumption.

Through education and control, Plico can help people understand their energy consumption. As a result, households can begin altering behaviours to reap even more rewards from their solar battery systems – giving Members more value.


What Do You Get?

Each standard installation includes:

  • 5KVA Redback Inverter System
  • 6.6kW Suntech 275w Solar PV (Photovoltaics) Panels
  • 7.2kW Pylontech (LiFePo4) Battery

You also become an integral part of a community owned, battery-driven Virtual Power Plant that will help change the future of Australia’s energy industry, and help tackle the dire issue of climate change.



DCEP is the Not-for-Profit association that all Plico Energy users are members of and which owns CEPCO 2019.

DCEP also manages all community-based sustainable infrastructure projects and oversees the governance of individual Plico Sub-Committees.

At the end of 10 years, our investors SUSI Partners will exit and transfer all their shares to DCEP; which means, all association members will benefit with potential profit share and/or reduced weekly bills.

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