Live in WA? Power Your House With A Future Proof Solar System Including Battery. Worry Free With Ongoing Support & 100% Maintenance For $292 Upfront.

This Is Solar, Reinvented.

Plico members get a full 6.6kwh solar system with battery installed at their house for $292 upfront and a flat low weekly rate so they can usually save money from day 1.

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You can get panels, an inverter and a battery installed then start saving immediately from your next bill* and be part of the only 100% managed solar service with proactive support and worry-free service for the lifetime of your system.

Monthly Electricity Bill Over $170? Find Out How Much You Could Save With Plico While Making Your Own Power

Fill in this form to get a quick, accurate quote on how much you’ll save from next month by installing a Plico energy system with Solar Panels, Battery & Inverter. There’s no obligation and you will discover, based on a tailored energy plan for your home, exactly how much you’ll be saving while creating your own power.

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Energy That You can feel amazing about using

100% Your Energy

You make it on your roof. You store it in your battery. Your family uses it. This is your energy.

Got Extra Energy?

Similar to other solar systems, Plico still allows you to feed back into the grid whenever you’re creating more power than you can use or store and you get paid for it by your energy retailer (eg. Synergy).

Solar House with Plico Battery

No More Blackouts

A Plico system has a built in backup circuit that will keep your lights and power on even if the grid is down for days.

No Energy Guilt

Know that slightly guilty feeling when you or the kids leave the lights on? Say goodbye to that feeling forever. 

No More Coal

Instead of costing you money and burning extra coal for no reason, the Plico solar system provides you with clean energy to use when you or your family need it.

Spend more than $150 a month on electricity?

Save Money On Your Electricity Bill With An Easy To Understand Flat Low Weekly Rate

Revenue generated from the Plico community providing energy services to the grid on behalf of the members are used to offset your normal weekly rate over time. 

The more members that join Plico, the more likely it will be that we are able to provide services to the grid.

Solar Panels + Battery + Inverter + 100% Managed = Plico

$36.50 a week too much to pay?

How about $35, $32.50 or even less than $30 per week?

The Plico community is unique because as it grows, so does the likelihood that your bill goes down.

Instead of having no say over our energy costs, as the Plico community grows, our ability to negotiate with the network on the provision of energy services to the grid in a managed fashion increases.  This means as a collective – we gain the ability to provide valuable services to the energy company. Which in turn means you will make more savings as a Plico member than you would separately. 

How is Plico Different to Other Solar Companies?

We’re not like any other solar company you’ve seen before. In fact, we are not a ‘solar company’, we are a community of members creating an amazing, forward thinking renewable energy grid which helps each member create and consume their own energy while helping to evolve and support the energy network. 

The Plico Solar Community vs Other Solar Companies

 PlicoOther Solar Companies
Solar Panels6.6KW-13KW Suntech 275w Solar PV (Photovoltaics) Panels6.6KW+ panels. Brand Varies.
Inverter5KVA Redback Inverter System5KVA Inverter. Brand Varies.
Battery7.1-14.2kWh Pylontech (LiFePo4) Battery7.2kwh+ Battery. Brand varies.
Who is responsible for your solar setup for the first 10 years?Plico. We monitor for problems 24/7 & get them fixed ASAP.You are.
How do you pay?Starting at $36.50 per week (decreasing over time)$17,000 - $25,000 up front
If you increase energy consumption and decide you want a bigger battery?Upsize your Plico battery capacity if requiredLimited flexibility to adapt as your requirements change
Have problems how do you get help?Phone, Email & Plico Community Assistance available for 10-25 yearsVaries
How does Plico revenue get shared?75% returned back to members to reduce weekly rateVaries but generally, profits go to company. 
Remotely monitored system with staff proactively reaching out if there are problems?YesNo.
Community of solar members with similar setup?Yes, very activeNo.
Ability to negotiate with electricity network with revenue/benefits going to members.Yes.No.
What happens to your setup after ten years?Option for new technology and managed support extended to 25 years.Warranty expires before the 10 years is up.
Company protected from bankruptcy?Yes, backed by a $1 billion asset fund and owned by community members.Varies, usually not.

Wondering If a New Plico Solar System Might Be Right For You?

Do you answer yes to any of these questions?

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Want to make your own power?

Do you like the idea of having most everything in your house being powered day or night from energy that you create from the sun while being unaffected by blackouts?

create power from the sun during the day.
Store it in your battery. use it anytime.

The Plico energy system includes solar panels, inverter and battery. By installing it, you will be making your own power and no longer be wholly reliant on the grid and the electricity company’s whims.

Warranty worries?

Worried about what might happen if your solar panels, inverter or battery malfunctions anytime in the next 25 years?

100% Managed and The Only "Worry Free" Proactive Service agreement in the Market

Unlike any other solar in the Australian market, your Plico system is constantly remotely monitored for any issues or lower than usual energy production. We proactively fix or replace any hardware or software issues you have. 100% worry free solar is what we’re all about. Plus, we are backed by a $1b ethical investment fund.

Care about the environment?

Do you consider yourself environmentally responsible & want to do something to help the planet?

create power from the sun during the day.
Store it in your battery. use it anytime.

The Plico energy system includes solar panels, inverter and battery. By installing it, you will be making your own power and no longer be wholly reliant on the grid and the electricity company’s whims.

Like the idea of a solar community?

Do you want to be part of a community of solar users with the same setup as you who share tips and tricks on how to get the best out of their solar systems?

Become part of something bigger and share in the mission of bringing renewable energy to your community

A portion of the profits from the Plico project go to support the local community. We help build playgrounds, halls or whatever else local community’s need. As part of the Plico community you’ll get to vote on these!

Ever think about moving house?

If you own your own home, is it possible that you will move in the next 10 years?

Potentially Moving? You’ll still save with Plico

If you buy a regular solar system, it can take years to pay it off so if you sell your house before that’s done, you will never actually save money on it. With Plico, you only pay a weekly rate so your bill changes immediately, and the contract can be transferred to the new owners.

Worried about solar company bankruptcies?

Are you concerned about a solar company you choose going bankrupt or not following through on their guarantee?

No Dodgy Solar Company Concerns

The Australian solar industry has been plagued with companies going bankrupt and solar owners being left high and dry when they need support. The Plico energy community directly own the company that operates the systems and it is also backed by a $1 billion asset fund to ensure security for everyone.

Going to be renovating?

Could you be adding anything that uses a lot of energy in the next 10 years? For example, pool heating, an electric vehicle or a home extension?

A Solar System with Room to Grow

Your Plico system will grow to support more energy use. Need a bigger battery to support more energy? We can organise that. Need more panels to generate more power? We can do that too. That’s what being part of a 100% managed energy community means.

The Plico Energy System has been featured on...

Tatenda S.

Perth, WA

"I have just had this installed on Wednesday, and I have been 95% using solar in my house, thanks to the battery. it makes a huge difference to using the system. I have managed to reach 95% with cloudy days and using the dryer and air-conditioning. Mainly because i was fully educated on how to use the system by JP. I can imagine how much energy it will produce in summer. I love the system, payment plan and the service. I would highly recommend."

"The system is great .. real easy to follow how your power is being used and a fantastic help line"

Daniel R.

Perth, WA

Don't have solar yet? It's probably not your fault.

The solar industry can feel a bit like the 'wild west' but we're here to solve that.

Move your mouse over any of the solar problems you've wondered about...

Tap on any of the solar problems you've wondered about...

Dodgy Solar Companies Going Bankrupt: SOLVED

While over 2 million households in Australia have solar panels installed now, there have been so many problems in the industry from dodgy solar companies going bankrupt to coal companies subtly working against solar in the industry.

Owned by members & Backed by Assets

Plico is owned by its community of members and backed by a $1 billion asset fund to ensure it continues to serve its members long into the future.

You’re being taxed by stealth: Solved

every time the network expands or has to do maintenance the costs are passed onto those buying power from the network. If you are buying power from them, you are being taxed by stealth.

Make your own energy on your roof & take back your power

By installing a Plico system with battery, you’ll be generating your own power instead of buying it from the grid, avoiding this stealth tax.

The Technical Jargon: Solved

It’s easy to learn a little about solar but then it’s hard not to be overwhelmed when you see the range of panels, inverters and battery systems available.

It's our responsibility that your system performs perfectly

Plico solves the jargon by providing a 100% managed solution for a flat weekly rate. You don’t need to worry about having the wrong brand of system or something breaking or being inefficient, that’s on us. We’re constantly monitoring your system and if there are any issues, we get them solved – whether that means replacing, adjusting or coming out to sit down with you to figure out the solution directly.

This is the perfect time

Now is The Time to Install a Plico Energy System

Batteries are gaining in popularity and there’s a race on for the batteries that are connecting to the grids.

The owners of these batteries will be part of a powerful energy machine that can work together to support the grid, community and get the biggest savings on their power bills. 

Want to go out on your own with a battery?

On your own, you’ve got a system with a computer in your battery, a computer in your control system and a computer in your inverter. You’re left to manage this yourself without any help – and you won’t be able to have any commercial relationships with the grid other than to pay for the basic offers available at the time.

We want you to be a part of the Plico community instead of being an individual with a battery. The future of the Australian energy system should be owned by you. This is why we started the Plico community. 

Plico Founder Brian Innes

“Solar has previously been very transactional – get in, get out, a lot of bad behaviour, poor after sales services and bankruptcy. Households are the future – this is what the modelling shows. 

Help the households manage the grid and they will save money while becoming the stable, renewable grid of the future. When we started Plico we treated this problem as though we were building an actual energy company. 

With the structures we’ve built in Plico, we can now efficiently deploy, efficiently service, provide best in class support and get 75c of every dollar the community makes back to the members to keep bringing down that weekly rate. 

That’s what the grid of the future looks like.”

Brian Innes

Founder and Technical director, plico

you'll find no high pressure selling here

How Do You Get Started With Plico?

Getting started is easy and doesn’t take long. Fill in the form at the top of the page and we’ll call you right back to see if Plico will be a good fit for you. There’s no high pressure selling from Plico. We know that there is no option that is right for everyone but we hope you’ll be as excited by the idea of the Plico community energy solution as we are!

1. Get in Touch

Contact us and we'll have a quick chat with you over the phone to answer all of your questions and collect the info we need for the next steps. We will also schedule a no-obligation site visit, if requested or required, to walk you through the more technical details of how the system will be installed and operate.

2. Free, Customised Report

While you wait on the site visit, we'll email you a free, no-obligation customised report using satellite imaging of your address to give you an exact idea of how having a Plico energy system will revolutionise your energy use and what the savings will look like.

3. Out For a Site Visit

The next step will be for us to come out and have a look at your place to outline exactly where all the solar system components will go and triple check that your house is a good fit for a Plico Energy System.

4. Your System Install

We get your system fully installed, usually during a single day and do all of the testing to ensure everything is working well.

5. You Get Free Power!

You start generating your own free energy from the sun and will be able to monitor everything via the app to see how your energy usage changes.

6. 100% Monitoring

Your entire system is immediately added to our 24/7 uptime monitoring so that if there are any issues over the next 10 years, we proactively reach out to you to get them solved.

Here's What Some More of Our Members Have to Say About Plico