What will happen if I stop paying the $36.50 per week?

Firstly, please contact us if you’d like to discuss your options. The contract document clearly details the procedure that will be taken to manage non-payment including parameters for significant life events.

If there is not a significant life event and you have simply decided to stop paying, Starling Energy Group can virtually disable your inverter from providing you with renewable energy. The inverter and battery will also be removed from the house.

I’ve lost my job and I’m having trouble paying my bills. What can I do?

As part of our company values of community first, we have set up a Utilities Support Fund to help participants in financial hardship.

Payments are paid to help prevent delinquency on the contract agreement. Once you are back on your feet, you will be required to pay the total amount paid back to the Utilities Support Fund so other participants can use it when needed.

You should contact your community energy team as soon as you know you will have difficulty making payments.

Will I save money on my energy bill? If so, how much?

The amount of money you can save is dependent upon your energy use. On average, you should be able to save 80-90% on your energy bill.  As a rough guide, we say that the numbers start to make financial sense if your bill is greater than $300.

Plus, you’ll have access to the portal app, which will allow you to review and adjust your energy use in real-time rather than waiting for a bill at the end of a certain period.

But, Plico Energy is more than just saving people money. It’s about empowering communities to take control of their energy use, ending our reliance on coal and creating a better sustainable future.

Will I get two bills or one?

You will receive two bills:

  • A weekly direct debit to Plico Energy
  • A Synergy supply bill, which you will receive via post or email (whatever your account preference states)

Do I still receive bills from Synergy or Western Power?

As a West Australian resident you will still pay for supply charges from Synergy, approximately $1 per day. If you are a household exporting excess energy to the grid as part of Synergy’s Renewable Energy Buyback System (REBS), Synergy will often take the amount owed to you off your supply charges. Unfortunately, businesses cannot participate in the REBS scheme.

When do you start paying $36.50 per week?

You begin your direct debit payments once the Plico System is ready to be installed to your home or business.

All registrations require a $292 up-front fee, two months advance payment, which is required at the time of signing the Plico Energy contract.  If for any reason your installation does not eventuate, your $292 will be refunded.

This is not an additional cost and it is not a bond; it is simply to ensure future payments do not fall behind and to cover administrative costs.

Can I purchase a battery/inverter up front, but still be part of the Virtual Power Plant?

  • Unfortunately, no. We offer a service contract that provides installation and ongoing management and servicing of your system.  As the business grows, we anticipate adding additional components that will add value to your system and be of benefit to our members.

    As a Plico member you receive:

    • On-going education sessions
    • Replacement parts (Inverters, control system and batteries)
    • Access to an Operations Service Centre
    • Contributions towards Community Fund projects