I’m building a house and it won’t be finished until after July 2020. What happens?

This is not a problem – you can sign up now and it won’t cost you anything until you are ready for installation.  Our contracts are for 10 years and are grouped together as a “project”.  We will continue to roll through 10-year cycles.  At the end of 10 years, our funding partner SUSI will exit the project and the assets will become part of the community-owned business – which our members become shareholders in.

Can the inverter be installed on the outside of my house?

Definitely. The system is weather rated for outside use, however we do recommend that you install it in a garage or under a protected eave to limit any damage to ensure longevity.

What happens to the profits made by the Virtual Power Plant?

When profits come back to Plico Energy, the community – through their local Project Committee – will decide how they will use these additional funds. This is called the Community Fund.

How can I get involved?

We’re currently accepting members to the Plico movement – building a community-owned, battery-driven Virtual Power Plant. Depending on numbers, we expect installations to commence roll out from Spring 2019.  Currently, we have over 50 pilot systems installed across WA.

Once you have joined the movement, our Plico people will be in contact with the next steps.  If you are ready to get started, simply head over and complete this form.  This kicks off the process and once submitted, a contract will be sent for your review.