Who will be installing the systems?

Local installers have been trained on how to install the Plico System by the Starling Energy Group management team.

When will installations begin?

Installations are expected to begin in Sept/Oct 2019.  Our operations and management team will be coordinating with our members. You will be contacted to arrange installation.

I’m renting, can I sign up?

Absolutely. You will need to seek permission from the homeowner for their approval to have the system installed.

The homeowner will need to have their name on the contract, as they will need to continue to make weekly payments if you decide to move out. The homeowner can simply increase your rent by $36.50 per week.

When do you start paying $36.50 per week?

You begin your direct debit payments once the Plico System is ready to be installed to your home or business.

All registrations require a $292 up-front fee, two months advance payment, which is required at the time of signing the Plico Energy contract.  If for any reason your installation does not eventuate, your $292 will be refunded.

This is not an additional cost and it is not a bond; it is simply to ensure future payments do not fall behind and to cover administrative costs.

Can the inverter be installed on the outside of my house?

Definitely. The system is weather rated for outside use, however we do recommend that you install it in a garage or under a protected eave to limit any damage to ensure longevity.

If I already have solar can I still sign up to Plico Energy?

Potentially, depending on the age of your panels. Have a chat to our team about your options. We don’t sell stand-alone batteries but can happily chat with you about your circumstances.

Do you have a maximum sign-up number?

In short, no. There is no physical cap with both SUSI and Starling Energy Group providing a strong financial structure to ensure the movement is very scalable and not dependent on local subsidies or conditions.

I don’t live in Dunsborough or Yallingup, can I still sign up?

Yes, we are now accepting households and businesses throughout the Perth metro area and the South West.  Our project kicked off in Dunsborough and we are now expanding across the state with ops centres in Dunsborough and Perth.