Who will give me advice about how to use my energy better in my home or business?

Starling Energy Group will assist you with education about how to use your energy more effectively. You will also be able to monitor your own energy use on the Redback System Portal App.

Who organises approvals from Western Power and Synergy?

Starling Energy Group will arrange all approvals for installations.

Has this project received professional legal advice?

Yes. SUSI uses International law firm Ashurt for their contractual arrangements with both Plico Energy and Starling Energy Group.

Plico Energy uses law firm Jackson MacDonald regarding the contract document and overall company structure. We have spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure Plico Energy has expertise and advice that will enable success for many years to come.

I’m building a house and it won’t be finished until after December 2019. What happens?

While SUSI has not put a cap on their financial contribution, but we all do have a set time in which to sign on. We need to have people signed on and installations finished by 31 December 2019.

Unfortunately, this may affect some people. SUSI have a definitive 10-year period with Plico Energy that begins 2019 and ends 2029. We can assist as many households and businesses who want to join, and SUSI will finance all of them.

However, to provide SUSI with a clean exit in 2029, all households and businesses need to be signed on by the end of 2019.

Western Power has told me that I can’t have more solar on my roof. What can I do?

Western Power have some limitations on solar export if the roof area is constrained in any way. However the Redback Inverter and Battery solution can overcome a lot of these problems.

It will be Redback Energy’s job to discuss this with Western Power and assist with approvals for your home.

Who developed the Redback System?

The Redback Inverter is owned, designed and developed in Australia.

The technology was developed out of the University of Queensland by Redback Technologies’ engineers, while their staff in China oversee the production line.

This is the same production model that worldwide tech phenomena Apple undertakes, where Redback Technology manages its own supply chain on the components of the inverter, as well as their own Quality Assurance and Quality control.

Who is Starling Energy Group?

Starling Energy Group is responsible for managing the Virtual Power Banks, operations management, installations, engineering, procurement and construction.

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Who is SUSI?

SUSI Partners are our investors who specialise in financing sustainable energy infrastructure.

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Can I purchase a Redback Inverter system up front, but still be part of the Virtual Power Bank?

Absolutely. The entire system, including Redback Inverter System, Suntech 300w Solar PV (Photovoltaics) Panels and Pylontech (LiFePo4) Battery, costs approximately $12,000 up front.

After that, if you would like to continue to benefit from the Plico movement, you will be charged $10 per week. Those benefits include:

  • Maintenance & system repairs
  • On-going education sessions
  • Replacement parts (Inverters, control system and batteries)
  • Access to an Operations Service Centre
  • Contibutions towards Community Fund projects

Is there any risk of bankrupcy?

As opposed to other projects with varying levels of debt finance, Plico Energy is based on Equity Funding from our investor SUSI. Therefore, it is unlikely that our movement will run into difficulty.

This is because Equity Funding is paid in dividends, and can only be paid in any year by CEPCO when sufficient funds are available.

Plico Energy will continue to be reviewed by a Board of Directors and subject to normal Australian accounting and governance principles. As a result, we have established an accountable and transparent structure with clear responsibilities to the consumer as well as our Investor.

Who makes up Plico Energy?

We are a professional team made up of experts from the energy, building and construction, finance, accounting and governance, legal and resource sectors. All members from Plico Energy, SUSI and Starling Energy Group have years of experience in the energy industry.

Our financial investors, SUSI Partners, is a FINMA regulated Swiss Investment Manager with over 50 full-time investment professionals. They have invested into extensive legal, commercial and technical Due Diligence in order to make this investment.

Our legal documents have also been created by a well-respected law firm, Jackson Macdonald, in Perth.