Has this project received professional legal advice?

Yes. SUSI uses International law firm Ashurt for their contractual arrangements with both Plico Energy and Starling Energy Group.

Plico Energy uses law firm Jackson MacDonald regarding the contract document and overall company structure. We have spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure Plico Energy has expertise and advice that will enable success for many years to come.

Can I exit the contract?

Yes . This process will be detailed as part of the Contract Terms and Conditions.

I’m building a house and it won’t be finished until after December 2019. What happens?

While SUSI has not put a cap on their financial contribution, but we all do have a set time in which to sign on. We need to have people signed on and installations finished by 31 December 2019.

Unfortunately, this may affect some people. SUSI have a definitive 10-year period with Plico Energy that begins 2019 and ends 2029. We can assist as many households and businesses who want to join, and SUSI will finance all of them.

However, to provide SUSI with a clean exit in 2029, all households and businesses need to be signed on by the end of 2019.

Will Plico Energy become a retailer in the future?

It isn’t possible for us to become a retailer due to current WA regulations; however, this is not our main goal for Plico Energy anyway.

Our main priority is to provide households and businesses access to up to 90% renewable energy. Secondly, we want to offer a valuable infrastructure service to the current electrical grid.

These two objectives are far more important for us to assist in the transition to a more renewable future. As community members ourselves, we’re passionate about always being on the community’s side. Should retail contestability become a viable option, it’s our ambition to act as a buyer’s advocate and negotiate with all retailers to get the best deal for your energy.