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From $36.50 per week, create and consume your own energy thanks to our battery-driven Virtual Power Plant

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Plico Energy is putting power back into the hands of everyday Australians who are passionate about creating a better future.



By harnessing the energy of the sun with the assistance of cutting-edge battery inverter technology, households can now make their own energy.

It’s our goal to enable our Plico community to achieve 90% renewable energy consumption – effectively ending heavy reliance on the traditional grid. And with systems starting from just $36.50 per week (less than your daily coffee!), it’s even more affordable to Make Energy Green Again.

Thanks to the Redback Energy Portal App, households can clearly understand and monitor their consumption use. Being mindful of how and when you consume energy, Plico Homes can put into practice the most efficient and effective ways to consume energy to ensure minimal coal power consumption.

By switching to cleaner, greener solar battery energy, Plico Homes are doing more than helping the environment. They’re helping local communities.

Households who use approximately nine units of power per billing cycle are already efficient energy users; however, there are far more benefits for joining the Plico Movement.

While households with energy usage between the 9-18 units per cycle will see the renewable energy benefits of joining the Virtual Power Plant, those with usage over 18 units will see genuine cost savings of joining the Plico Movement.

We would recommend any households or businesses who use more than 35 units discuss with us the possibility of multiple systems.