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From $36.50 per week, create and consume your own energy thanks to our battery-driven Virtual Power Plant

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Make Energy Green Again

Plico Energy gives you the power to do something about climate change and the future of Australia’s energy industry.



Save the Environment

Consumers don’t have to wait for Government and/or Authority policy change to take action on climate change. The solution is available now, and the quickest way to address climate change is to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector.


Understanding Energy

Plico Energy gives you the tools to understand your energy usage and, as a result, carbon footprint on the climate. This information and understanding empowers Members to take action over their own consumption.


Create and Consume Your Own Energy

Consumers have the opportunity to switch to up to 90% renewable energy thanks to our battery-driven Virtual Power Plant.

By harnessing the energy of the sun with the assistance of cutting-edge battery inverter technology, Members can now create and consume their own energy – ending reliance on the traditional fossil-driven energy grid.


Guilt-free Energy

By gaining a better understanding of their energy usage, Members can enjoy guilt-free energy. Thanks to the Redback Technology App, Members can monitor their usage to allow for traditional ‘heavy users’, such as air conditioning, swimming pool heating and whitegoods.


Cleaner, Cheaper and more Reliable

Thanks to cutting-edge DC linked batteries, Members have the ability to create and consume up to 90% renewable energy – effectively ending reliance on traditional climate-harming fossil fuels.

Members can also have peace of mind knowing their home is protected in the case of blackouts, with all batteries installed with backup circuits to keep your lights on whenever the grid is down.


Power to the People

Consumers no longer have to wait for Government policy or authority action; the solution to a cleaner, greener future is available now. Plico Energy allows communities to switch to renewable energy as quick as it takes to sign up to an online form.


Market Disrupter

Plico Energy sees itself as a Market Disrupter: we’re doing something different. The way energy is created and consumed now is not sustainable and the planet is suffering as a consequence. But it doesn’t have to continue in the same way.

The future of the energy industry is here. Battery-driven Virtual Power Plants can:

  • Improve grid reliability
  • Reduce peak energy periods in the morning and afternoon, and
  • Assist with voltage issues

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