100% Managed Solar

Fully serviced and maintained
Solar Battery System

Plico isn't about offering an ordinary solar solution. We've developed a smart solar solution. By helping Aussie homes and businesses use the sun’s energy – day and night – our innovative managed and supported storage system is cleaner, cheaper and more reliable.

What makes Plico different from all the other solar providers?

Our installation includes solar panels and a battery – which means you can use your stored energy long after the sun goes down. What’s more, we’re protecting the grid from unmanaged solar (panels without a battery) helping to stabilise the grid and benefit the wider community. Plus, its serviced and supported for the life of the system.

We combine cutting-edge technology with ongoing support

As a valued Plico Member, we’re with you for the long run. Your system is part of a fleet that allows remote support and, wherever necessary, a team member will happily come to assist. We include all maintenance, service and potential upgrades in your weekly fee.

Create your own energy

A standard installation includes our Plyontech Battery, Trina PV Panels and a Redback Inverter System. We’ve carefully selected this combination of hardware and software, so we can deliver a cost-effective reliable and long-lasting energy solution.

When you join Plico, you get a worry-free system with ongoing service and maintenance of the assets including full back up protection, technology upgrades, and combined ownership of our company.

You don’t technically own your system – but you are part owner of the company that owns all of the systems on all of the households. At the end of 10 years, you can leave the group and own your system outright if you choose.

This award-winning business model means you’ll have less upfront costs, but all of the savings and benefits of your system and the Virtual Power Plant.

Ready to find out more?

Simply request a call, and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help you save money and the planet.