The Plico Household solution

For homes with an electricity bill that is generally below $550, this is for you.

One solar battery solution can generate over 30kwh of energy per day via the solar panels, while the battery system (made up of three batteries) can store up to 7.2kWh per day which will get most houses through the night. However, extra batteries are available if your nighttime energy consumption requires it.

Plico 1.0 standard installation  includes:
  • 7.2kWh Pylontech (LiFePo4) Battery
  • 5KVA Redback Inverter System
  • 6.6kW Suntech 275w Solar PV (Photovoltaics) Panels

The Solution:

Installing solar only provides half the solution.  Storing the sun for use at night means you can generate up to 90% of your own energy.

Our standard Plico system:

Includes attery, panels and inverter so you can draw straight from the sun during the day, and store your electricity for night time use.

Is fully installed by our installer partners.

Serviced and maintained for  10 years +

Support from our local Perth / South West teams

Managed from our Perth Ops Centre


Warranty management

Part of a community owned business and 

Education and support for Plico Energy


Founded in October 2009, Pylontech’s products and solutions have been widely deployed in batteries for high-end vehicles, cloud computing system power backup, telecom power backup, new energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

With self-developed core technologies in the cathode material, battery cell and BMS (battery management system), Pylontech is one of just a few companies that has vertically integrated the whole lithium battery industrial chain.
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The Redback Smart Hybrid is an Australian designed system, which combines the inverter, batteries and software into an easy to use all-in-one system.

The system is easy to manage from your smartphone or tablet, and looks great in or outside your home. Plus, it’s fast to install saving you on upfront costs.
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Founded in 2001, Suntech is a respected solar photovoltaic manufacturer across the world, and is engaged in the Research & Development and production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules.
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