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Powering the Community

Plico Energy is a community driven initiative that is powered by you, for you, which also helps the wider community.



Community Owned

Plico Energy began by the people, for the people. Members create and consume their own energy, while communities also benefit through additional project funding.


Like-minded, Connected Thinkers

Plico Energy brings together a community of like-minded thinkers; those who are frustrated by a lack of action on tackling climate change, or simply people who are passionate about the communities where they live.


Battery-driven Energy

The cloud-based Virtual Power Plant is powered by a community of battery solutions installed at individual houses. This collective power essentially ends reliance on the traditional energy grid and climate-harming fossil fuels.

By harnessing the power of the sun, energy is stored in battery inverter systems and can be used to power households later in the day once sunlight isn’t available.


Energy Education

Plico Energy is passionate about empowering communities to gain a deeper understanding of their energy consumption. This is especially essential in educating and informing the next generation of energy users – children and young adults.

Through the Redback Technology App, users can gain a better understanding of how their behaviours and actions contribute to their energy consumption.


Forever Australian Owned

Unlike competitors, Plico Energy is and always will be Australian owned and run. Our business model relies on Australian houses to create energy through our solar battery solutions, effectively powering the Virtual Power Plant.

In many instances, where available Plico Energy also looks to support other like-minded Australian businesses by utilising their products and/or services.

It’s true Plico has received global funding from Swiss infrastructure fund manager, SUSI Partners; however, their investment expires in 10 years at which point all assets will be handed over to the company. This means cheaper weekly bills for our Plico Members.


Plico Energy: Who We Are

Plico Energy has a vision to empower communities to take control of their energy with an aim of creating a better future.

The movement is backed by like-minded organisations who also believe in sustainable, renewable power. We were born out of frustration from the lack of progress from authority figures on tackling the growing concern of climate change.

Our people are all passionate about what we do. We live and breathe our values, and truly believe our battery- driven Virtual Power Plant is the new and best way to create and consume your own energy.


Better Together

It’s no secret for initiatives to be successful, people need to work together.

A large community not only gives Plico Energy more negotiating power at the table with energy infrastructure authorities, it also inspires others to take back control of their energy.

Climate change is a very real and dangerous threat that will effect every single person on Earth. Only together can we have a positive effect in creating a better future for our planet and generations to come.

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