Refer a Friend

Refer friends to join you on the Plico journey and we’ll hook you both up with free energy.


The Plico Energy Project is a community owned business, so it makes sense to help us grow the community. One household reducing their emissions by up to 90% feels like a drop in the ocean. Collectively, we can make a real impact.

More referrals means less advertising – and better exclusive member’s events.


A Plico Point is equivalent to a week’s free energy. Each Plico Point waives a weekly payment of $36.90. Plico points are “earned” when you refer someone who goes on to have a completed installation with Plico Energy.

The best bit? They also receive a Plico point.

The more people you refer, the more free energy you receive and the greater your contribution to helping the environment.

Our referral program is designed to help you, our members, help us, Plico Energy, grow the Plico Energy Project and create a greater impact at a household level, on our communities and on Climate Change – which impacts all of us.

As a thank you for referring your friends and family we will reward you – and them – with Plico Points *.

HOW TO REFER SOMEONE It’s simple! Remember the “join” form you filled in on our website? In that form is a field that asks for “Referrers name”. Simply tell your friends and family to use your name or email when they complete the form. If you already have your system, you will receive a unique link that you can easily share with your network. Keep an eye out for your first emails post install. Didn’t get one? Email
HOW TO NOMINATE YOUR REFERRER AND CLAIM YOUR POINT As a new customer wishing to join the movement, you will see a textbox in the Join form that asks for “Referrers Name”. If this hasn’t been auto-filled (because you’ve followed a link they sent you), simply type the name or email of the person who referred you, and we’ll take care of the rest.
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT You get a point and they get a point and well, you get the picture! There are few terms & conditions associated with the Plico Points Referral Program which you can find here. We will track and manage the collection and attribution of Points through our system.
WHAT HAPPENS IF NO-ONE REFERRED ME? Don’t worry about it – there’s good news here too. For every new member who joins Plico Energy, we donate $250 into a Community Fund. This fund is managed by our not-for-profit association committee and is used to undertake sustainably focused projects that will benefit the community.


The first step is simple – request a call and we will be in touch to provide a detailed quote that includes panel placement, battery options and expected system output and savings.