Referral Terms & Conditions

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Plico Points – The Customer Referral Experience

Our referral program is designed to help you, our valued customer, help us, Plico Energy, grow the Plico Energy Project and create a greater impact at a household level, on our communities and on Climate Change – which impacts all of us.

As a thank you for referring your friends and family we will reward you – and them – with Free Energy on, and subject to, the terms and conditions as follows.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    • Available Points: Points that have a Plico Point Value and which will be applied to reduce the holder’s next monthly Plico account in accordance with paragraph 6 below.
    • Cancelled Points:  A Point which has been cancelled pursuant to paragraph 2.3 below.
    • Existing Customer: Someone who has been through Plico’s approvals process and had a Plico system installed at their designated property.
    • New customer: Someone who has not previously had a Plico system installed as part of the Plico Energy Project.
    • New Customer Point:  A Point awarded to a New Customer who has been referred to Plico by an Existing Customer.
    • Plico: Plico Energy
    • Plico Energy Project: CEPCO 2019 Pty Ltd
    • Point:  A Referrer Point or New Customer Point, issued as part of the Plico Energy referral program known as “Plico Points” and on the terms and conditions herein set out.
    • Plico Point Value: Each Available Point has a value which is equal to a week’s fee for a baseline system ($36.50)
    • Referrer Point: A Point awarded to a Plico Existing Customer who refers a New Customer to the Plico Energy Project
  2. Allocation
    1. Subject to the paragraph 2.2:
      1. an Existing Customer will receive 1 Referrer Point for a successful referral (where the New Customer has a Plico system installed at their designated property); and
      2. a New Customer who has a Plico system installed at their designated property and who was successfully referred by an Existing customer will receive 1 New Customer Point.
    2. Upon receipt of an application from a New Customer who has been referred by an Existing Customer, each Point will initially be issued as a Pending Point and will, subject to paragraph 2.3, become an Available Point once the installation of the New Customer’s Plico system is complete.
    3. A Pending Point will not be converted into an Available Point (and will be cancelled with immediate effect) if any of the following occur:
      1. the New Customer doesn’t meet Plico’s credit requirements or fails the title-deed check;
      2. the New Customer’s application is not approved by Synergy for any reason;
      3. the New Customer’s application is not approved by Western Power for any reason;
      4. the Plico system ordered by the New Customer is not installed for any other reason, including without limitation cancellation by the New Customer during the cooling off period or termination of their application due to a default by the New Customer.
      5. Plico Energy may elect to provide an opportunity to earn additional or bonus Points as part of a promotion, at the discretion of the Plico Energy team.
  3. How to refer someone

    As an Existing Customer wishing to earn Points, you should tell your friends to specify your email or name when they sign up at the “Join” form in the “Referrer” field.

    Below are the methods by which you can provide a referral to friends/family:

    1. A physical “referral” card provided by the Existing Customer to the New Customer containing the Existing Customer’s email address and a URL to the Plico Energy website referral program’s page. This card can be referenced by the New Customer to complete the “Join” form on the Plico website where they will need to manually input the details contained on the referral card.
    2. A digital link received by the Existing Customer from the Plico Energy team via email, that can be forwarded or shared with prospective new Plico customers within the referrer’s network.  This can be shared by email or across the Existing Customer’s social media accounts and will automatically populate the “referrer” field on the Plico Energy “Join” form on the website. This link will contain a unique code which enables us to track Points back to the Existing Customer.
    3. Word of mouth. Existing Customers can simply tell friends and family to use the Existing Customer’s name or email when the New Customer completes the ‘Join’ form on the Plico Energy website.
  4. How to nominate your referrer and claim your point

    As a New Customer wishing to join the Plico movement you need to complete the “join” form on our website.  At stage 7 of this form there is a field for “Referrer” where you can input the email address or name of your referrer

  5. Handling unrecognised referrers

    There may be cases where our team will not be able to recognise which Existing Customer has made the referral.  In this instance, our team may need to phone either party to confirm the referrer details

    An unrecognised referral will not stop the New Customer’s application from being processed.

  6. Consuming an Available Point

    Once a Point becomes an Available Point, its Plico Point Value will be automatically applied against the holder’s next account on the next GoCardless payment run.

    We will send you an email every time an Available Point is applied, telling you why, and letting you know how many Points you have left, if any, and what they can do to earn more.

    Once a Point’s Plico Point Value has been applied in the manner set out above, it will have no further value.  We will however continue to keep records of these Points for auditing and dispute-resolution purposes.

    Whilst Points have monetary value, they cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.

    Points are non-transferable.

  7. General

    Plico Energy may cancel or amend this referral program at any time, in its sole discretion.  Cancellation of this program will not affect any Points which have been earnt before termination.

    These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Western Australia.