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Panel Promotion - Bonus Panels
Terms & Conditions

Our BONUS PANELS promotion is designed to help you become part of Plico Energy’s growing community and create a greater impact at a household and local community level and help tackle climate change, which impacts us all.

Plico can offer as many 'bonus' panels up to 8.88kW of Solar PV (24 panels) as your specific roof will allow based on available space, roof type, sun direction and shading.  

Note – not all customers will be eligible. We will do our best to assess your specific situation at your initial site visit, but will not be able to confirm the ability to upgrade panels until our expert Installer arrives on your installation day.   

The CEC accredited installer will design and install your system including any bonus panels based on actual site conditions. This has a value of up to $2,000 (extra panels + installation) to New Members on, and subject to, the terms and conditions as follows. 

By indicating that you, as a new member of Plico Energy, wish to participate in the BONUS PANELS promotion as indicated in the terms and conditions, you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions at all times 


BONUS PANELS Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions

1.1  Energy, Plico, us, our, we: CEPCO 2019 Pty Ltd.

1.2  Bonus Panels: up to 8.88kW of Solar PV (24 panels). This has a value of up to $2,000 (extra panels + installation).

1.3  New Member: Someone who has not previously had a Plico system installed at any property as part of the Plico Energy Project carried on by Plico.

1.4  Plico Energy Fees: means the weekly fee that is payable by an Existing Member or a New Member under the respective VPPSA to which they are party (or if a weekly fee is not payable, that part of a fee that is attributable to a week).

1.5  VPPSA: a Virtual Power Plant Services Agreement made between Plico and its customers, in the form used by Plico from time to time.

1.6  You: the New Member.

1.7  Successful Installation: where an approved Plico Energy system has been fully installed at a New Member’s property in accordance with Plico Energy’s policies, procedures and protocols.

1.8  Qualifying products are Energy Maker, Energy Maker + and Energy Maker ++.

1.9  Subject to site visit and available roof space.

1.10  Maximum additional value of $2,000 (consisting of extra panels + installation).

1.11  Solar panel array is designed and installed by CEC accredited installers. Any additional panels above 6.66kW of Solar PV is classed as bonus panels.

1.12  Panel layout and number of panels is provisional only, CEC accredited installer will design and install your system based on actual site conditions.

1.13  The standard system package comprises 6.66kW of Solar PV (18 panels) and allows for additional bonus panels up to 8.88kW of Solar PV (24 panels), subject to roof capacity.

1.14  The weekly fee is not subject to change based on the number of panels that can be accommodated at the premises.


2  Allocation

2.1  On application by a New Member, Plico may give: a Bonus Panels to a New Member who has a Plico system installed at their designated property and who is eligible for the Bonus Panel.

2.2  In order to be eligible for bonus panels you must:

2.2.1  Indicate your interest in this promotion by booking an obligation-free site visit directly through our sales team or via the links provided on the panel landing page by Thursday 31st March 2022

2.2.2  Meet the criteria of a New Member;

2.2.3  enter into a VPPSA;

2.2.4  satisfy Plico’s conditions, criteria and requirements for entering into and receiving services under a VPPSA, including credit checks and title-deed checks;

2.2.5  have your application relating to the installation of the Plico system approved by Synergy;

2.2.6  have your application relating to the installation of the Plico system approved by Western Power;

2.2.7  satisfy all conditions to the installation of a Plico system at the your designated property; and

2.2.8  have the Plico system fully installed and operational at your designated property

3  General

3.1  Plico makes no representation or guarantees that Bonus Panels will be available following any referral or allocated and Existing Members and New Members have not and should not enter into any contract in the expectation of receiving the benefit of Bonus Panels, or in reliance on any representation made by anyone other than Plico.

3.2  Plico Energy may cancel or amend these terms at any time on giving reasonable notice, at its sole discretion. Any amended terms and conditions will be made available on the Plico Energy website.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Western Australia.