Terms & Conditions

Member Referral Program

Terms & Conditions

Free Energy: Referral Program for Plico Members

Plico’s Referral Program is designed to help you, our valued Members, help us, Plico Energy, grow our Plico Community and create a greater impact at a household and local community level and help tackle climate change, which impacts us all.

As a thank you for referring your friends and family we will reward you – and them – with free energy on, and subject to, the terms and conditions as follows.

By indicating that you wish to participate in the Referral Program as indicated in the terms and conditions, you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions at all times.

FREE ENERGY Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    • Plico Energy, Plico, us, our, we: CEPCO 2019 Pty Ltd.
    • Free Energy Credit for existing members: An amount equal to four (4) weeks of Plico Energy Fees, which will be credited by Plico to reduce the Existing Member Referrer’s Plico account in accordance with and subject to these terms and conditions.
    • Free Energy Credit for new members: An amount equal to four (4) weeks of Plico Energy Fees, which will be credited by Plico to reduce the New Referred Member’s Plico account in accordance with and subject to these terms and conditions.
    • Existing Member: A person (a) who has satisfied the requirements of Plico’s approvals process; (b) has and had a Plico system installed at their designated property; and (c) whose VPPSA has not been terminated for any reason.
    • New Member: Someone who has not previously had a Plico system installed at any property as part of the Plico Energy Project carried on by Plico.
    • Plico Energy Fees refer to the weekly fee that is payable by an Existing Member or a New Member under the respective VPPSA to which they are party (or if a weekly fee is not payable, that part of a fee that is attributable to a week).
    • VPPSA: a Virtual Power Plant Services Agreement made between Plico and its customers, in the form used by Plico from time to time.
    • You: Either or both of the Existing Member or the New Member, as the context requires.
    • Successful Installation: Where an approved Plico Energy system has been fully installed at a New Member’s property in accordance with Plico Energy’s policies, procedures and protocols.
  2. Allocation
    1. On application by an Existing Member or a New Member, Plico may give:
      1. a Free Energy Credit to an Existing Member for a Successful Referral (as defined in paragraphs 2.2 and 2.3) it has made; and
      2. a Free Energy Credit to a New Member who has a Plico system installed at their designated property and who was Successfully Referred (as defined in paragraphs 2.2 and 2.3) by an Existing Member.
    2. A Successful Referral, where an Existing Member refers a New Member to Plico Energy, will be deemed to have occurred if the following conditions are met if:
      1. the New Member enters into a VPPSA;
      2. the New Member satisfies Plico’s conditions, criteria and requirements for entering into and receiving services under a VPPSA, including credit checks and title-deed checks;
      3. the New Member’s application relating to the installation of the Plico system is approved by Synergy;
      4. the New Member’s application relating to the installation of the Plico system is approved by Western Power;
      5. all conditions to the installation of a Plico system at the New Member’s designated property have been satisfied to Plico’s satisfaction; and
      6. the Plico system is fully installed and is operational at the New Member’s designated property.
    3. A referral will not be a Successful Referral if the New Member’s VPPSA is terminated prior to installation of a Plico system for any reason, including without limitation cancellation by the New Member during the cooling-off period or termination of their application due to a default by the New Member.
    4. Plico may in its sole and absolute discretion make a final determination as to whether a Successful Referral has occurred and whether or not an application for Free Energy Credit is to be granted to any person (and that determination is final).
    5. Plico Energy may in its discretion elect to provide an opportunity to earn additional or bonus Free Energy as part of a promotion, at the discretion of the Plico Energy team.
  3. How to refer someone
    1. Existing Members become eligible for a Free Energy credit if the following conditions are met:
      1. when an Existing Member includes their email address and the email address of their friends and family on a  referral form located on Plico’s Refer Friends and Family page: https://www.plicoenergy.com.au/https/www.plicoenergy.com.au/refer-friends-and-family
      2. when the family and friends that the Existing Member has referred to Plico include the Existing Member’s email when signing up via the contact forms on the Refer Me Plico page: https://www.plicoenergy.com.au/refer-me
      3. A successful referral as set out in conditions 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 of Plico’s Member referral offer Terms & Conditions has been deemed by Plico to have occurred.
  4.  Referral Methods
    1. Below are the methods by which you can provide a referral to the Plico Energy Project to friends/family:
      1. A physical “referral” card provided by the Existing Member to the New Member containing the Existing Member’s email address and a URL to the Refer Me page on the Plico website. This card can be referenced by the New Member to complete the contact form on the Plico website where they will need to manually input the details contained on the referral card.
      2. A digital link to the Refer Friends and Family page received by the Existing Member from the Plico Energy team via email, that can be forwarded or shared with prospective New Members within the referrer’s network. This can be shared by email or across the Existing Member’s social media accounts and will automatically populate the “referrer” field on the Referral Form on the website. This link will contain a unique code that enables us to track Free Energy back to the Existing Member.
      3. Word of mouth: Existing Members can simply tell friends and family to use the Existing Member’s email when the New Member completes the contact form for New Members on Refer Me webpage or the Plico website.
  5. Multiple referrals by Existing Members
    1.  There is no limit on the number of New Members an Existing Member may refer to Plico.
    2. If any 12 month period, an Existing Member refers 12 or more New Members to Plico that are deemed to be Successful Referrals by Plico, the Existing Member referrer will be credited with fifty-two (52) weeks of Plico Energy Fees from Plico.
  6. How a New Member can nominate the referrer and claim Free Energy
    1. A New Member wishing to join the Plico community will need to complete a contact form on the Refer Me page of the Plico website. As a New Member, you will need to input the Existing Member’s email to nominate them as your Referrer so that you both can apply to receive a Free Energy Credit.
  7. Handling unrecognised referrers
    1. There may be cases where our team will not be able to recognise which Existing Member has made a possible referral. In this instance, we want to make sure you can participate in this Referral Program so our team may try to phone either party to confirm the referrer details.
    2. An unrecognised referral will not stop the New Member’s application from being processed.
  8. How do you use your Free Energy Credit?
    1. If an Existing Member’s or a New Member’s application for a Free Energy Credit is approved and allocated by Plico in accordance with these terms and conditions, the amount of the Free Energy Credit will be automatically applied by Plico as a credit against the Existing Member’s or New Member’s (as the case may be) next account on the next GoCardless payment run.
    2. Plico will send the Existing Member and the New Member an email to inform you about the Free Energy Credit as soon as practicable after a Free Energy Credit is applied to your account and let you know how many Free Energy Credits you have left if any.
    3. Once a Free Energy Credit has been applied in the manner set out above, it will have no further value. We will however continue to keep records of these Free Energy Credits for auditing and dispute resolution purposes.
    4. A Free Energy Credit is Plico’s way of saying thank you to our Members. So a Free Energy Credit will only be applied as a credit to your account, and a Free Energy Credit has no monetary value, cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash, cannot be exchanged or redeemed for any other Plico good or services (unless we agree otherwise) and is non-transferable.
  9. General
    1. Plico makes no representation or guarantees that a Free Energy Credit will be available following any referral or allocated, and Existing Members and New Members have not and should not enter into any contract in the expectation of receiving the benefit of a Free Energy Credit, or in reliance on any representation made by anyone other than Plico.
    2. While we understand you may want to tell your friends about the benefits of a Plico System, an Existing Member is not authorised to bind Plico in any way or make any representation or statement on behalf of Plico. You should refer any New Member to our website for details on the Plico system.
    3. Plico Energy may cancel or amend these terms and the Referral Program at any time on giving reasonable notice, in its sole discretion. Any amended terms and conditions will be notified to all existing Members and made available on the Plico Energy website. Cancellation of this program will not affect any Free Energy Credits which have been earned and not credited to your account before termination, and these terms will continue to apply to those Free Energy Credits.
      These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Western Australia.