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sustainable future


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Plico Energy is a community-owned energy company creating change in the energy industry. Learn how you can generate and store your own electricity – day and night – and achieve energy independence and control – plus save money on your electricity bills.

We don't think we'll get any arguments - everyone agrees that power outages suck.

So we especially love to hear about our members happy dancing their way through blackouts - with the lights still on:

I know its Saturday and your weekend time but just wanted to say how good it is. Everyone else in the street has no lights but not in our household - we have solar and a battery. I've been doing "I rock" dance to my kids!!! 😁


The challenges of the current situation are affecting us all and the increased time we are spending at home is making us all contemplate if there are things we can learn from this.

Even as this crisis unfolds, the team at Plico Energy are beginning to think about what the future will look like and shifting our focus to building a sustainable and resilient future for our families.

In the meantime, considering ways to increase your independence and sustainability at home and lock in some permanent reductions of your home carbon footprint is not a crazy idea. Whether that’s; planting a veggie patch, walking to the shops, buying local produce, learning to love video conferencing, dreaming of going down south or creating and storing your own energy at home.

This friendly and informative information session will allow you to understand more about the Plico Energy project and what it means for you, the community, the grid and importantly – the environment.


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