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Why Plico?



Plico Energy began by the people, for the people. We see ourselves as a Market Disrupter: we’re offering something different.

Consumers don’t have to wait for policy change to take action on climate change. The solution is available now, and the quickest way to address climate change is to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector.

The future of the energy industry is here. Battery-driven Virtual Power Plants can:

  • Improve grid reliability
  • Reduce peak energy periods in the morning and afternoon, and
  • Assist with voltage issues

In today’s world, many organisations are moving to a service business model, rather than consumers purchasing an outright product. Examples include Spotify (music and podcasts), Uber (transport) and Netflix (subscription on-demand TV).

Instead of buying our cutting-edge battery solar solution outright, Plico Members are buying into a service – the equipment, maintenance and service are all inclusive and serviced for life.

Plico offers more than a cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy source; we’re also helping people manage and get the most out of the assets installed in their homes.

We provide our Members with the tools to understand their energy usage and, as a result, carbon footprint. This information and understanding empowers our Members to take action over their own consumption.

A Business Built for Life

Our business model is built to last. With $50 million invested by Swiss Infrastructure fund manager, SUSI Partners, Plico Energy is looking to change the face of the energy industry for decades to come.

All equity funds will be used – meaning no debt – and after 10 years SUSI will exit, transferring all ownership to DCEP – the Not-for-Profit association that all Plico users are members of and which owns CEPCO 2019.

DCEP also manages all community-based sustainable infrastructure projects and oversees the governance of individual Plico Sub-Committees.

CEPCO 2019 owns all assets, including the individual solar battery solution systems installed at all households.


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