The Plico Process

Just a few easy steps from sign up to saving money – and the planet

When it comes to "fun things to do", dealing with your energy company wouldn't normally make the list.

Plico Energy is here to change that!

6 Easy Steps from Sign on to Installation

  1. Complete the online join form – you can find it here – which will trigger a contract and disclosure document to be emailed to you.  There is no obligation at this stage.
  2. Sign and submit the contract.
  3. Provide a copy of your bill, photo of your switchboard and home connection point (green dome or overhead line).
  4. Part of our process is to complete a credit check on you – you can expedite that by completing your own here or we can do it for you. 
  5. Sit back and relax while we take care of all your Western Power / Synergy approvals and all the associated admin. 
  6. Organise your installation date and then you can join our members only Facebook group, meet your fellow members and start learning how to use your system. 

Does completing the "join" form lock me in?

No.  Completing the join form triggers the process to begin and will automatically send you a series of documents for your consideration. You can then read and understand all the ins and outs of the Plico Energy product offering and decide if it is a good solution for you. 

At each stage of the above process, you will receive emails from us detailing what we need from you.

The process BEGINS once you submit your signed contract.
You aren’t “locked in” to the contract until AFTER the approvals process is COMPLETE and your cooling off period has ended. 

When the approvals process is complete, we submit a request to our partners for approval.  At this stage, you enter a “10 day cooling off period “.  You become contractually obligated once your application reaches the end of the cooling off period. 

You will receive a number of emails along the way, informing you of where you are at in the process and what is happening.  You can, of course, reach out to your Plico contact at any stage.

Ready to kick off the process, obligation free?


Our published pricing includes standard installation.  Variations that may incur extra cost include:

  1.  Double Story – safety/lifting equipment
  2. Steep roof – pitch greater than 28.5 degrees)
  3. Switchboard upgrades – sending us a picture of your switchboard will help us determine if this is required, however its not common.
  4. Tilt racking
  5. Black rimmed panels 
  6. For people with 3 phase homes, we highly recommend a 3 phase Smart Meter