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At Plico, solar panels are only part of the solution. We’ve introduced cutting-edge battery inverter technology – so you can now power your home day and night, save money, avoid blackouts and contribute to the wider community.

Solar energy is only part of the solution. By introducing battery inverter technology, Plico gives you the ability to achieve mostly renewable energy consumption.

Australia is one of the sunniest countries on Earth – isn't it time we acted like it? Let’s cut to the chase: Australia’s current energy industry is not sustainable. If we continue down our current path of burning fossil fuels, we’ll continue to harm our planet and deplete our resources. And as one of the sunniest countries on earth – isn’t installing a solar system a no-brainer?
WE’RE HELPING AUSSIES STORE THEIR SOLAR ENERGY, ONE ROOF TOP AT A TIME Here’s the thing: solar panels alone won’t rewrite Australia’s energy future. Unmanaged solar can put stress on the grid (with costly solutions required) ...and that’s where Plico comes in. We’ve introduced our battery inverter systems, which store the sun’s energy for you to use later in the day when the sun goes down. This takes the pressures off the grid as it stabilises energy supply and demand – allowing even more renewable energy.
YOU’LL JOIN OUR COMMUNITY ENERGY NETWORK When you install a Plico solar battery system, you’ll be a part of something bigger: Our community-owned movement. Your solar storage will contribute to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that will work to improve grid reliability and, ultimately, benefit the entire community. What’s more, your system will offer relief during blackouts.

Virtual Power Plants

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems working together to generate and store energy.

This allows participating households and businesses to achieve mostly renewable energy consumption and end reliance on the traditional grid.

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How do they work? 

With 1,000-plus households and businesses involved, the VPP can provide 6.5MW of solar at peak, 7.6GWH of energy and displace 7KT of carbon emissions (CO2-e) every year.

But, the real value is about supporting local infrastructure reliability, voltage issues and reducing energy peaks.

Check out helpful videos from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to find out how Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and VPPs work...


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