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Plico’s panels, batteries and inverters all work together to deliver both solar savings and energy independence for homes across Australia. Here’s a little bit more detail on how each of these vital elements plays its part:


Panels are the instantly recognisable heroes of the solar power story. Sitting on rooftops across Australia, the role of our panels is to use their monocrystalline or multicrystalline cells inside to generate power from the sun’s rays - power that can either be consumed immediately or stored in a battery for later use. Plico uses some of the most popular solar panels in Australia due to their efficiency, quality and affordable price. 



Like the panel of experts in our ads always say, “Without a battery you’re wasting your energy.” They’re right. Batteries are the vital mechanism by which you can store the excess energy your panels generate, to then be used 24/7. Unlike some comparable products on the market, our batteries have undergone years of rigorous testing and are composed of lithium-ion phosphate for maximum security, they also talk directly to your Plico app so you can track your energy generation and usage. (How smart is that?) Plico’s batteries are also DC-coupled, allowing for the greatest range of adaptability and efficiency.

To learn more about everything related to solar batteries, check out Plico's solar battery guide.



Plico doesn’t just use an inverter, we use a smart hybrid inverter paired with the DC-coupled battery so the power you generate doesn’t need to be converted into AC straight away. And given the Saharan-type heat we experience here in Australia, we’ve made sure to only use locally designed inverters that have been specifically engineered to work effectively in our harsh, dry climate. When you pair Plico’s inverter with your solar panels and battery, you have a smart, energy independent system set up and ready to go! One that allows you to monitor, control and optimise your energy use at any time, day or night.

There aren’t enough pages on this website to explain all the technical specifications of our cutting-edge battery and inverter technology (and unless you’re a solar scientist, you probably wouldn’t be interested in reading it). What is important to know is that a Plico battery economically and efficiency stores your solar power to use whenever you like. So when it comes to consuming energy, you’re no longer at the mercy of the daytime sun.


But are we a good fit for you?

If your average energy bill is $350 or more every two months (the current billing cycle), you’ll generally see instant solar savings.

But what we don’t want is to sign you up and not deliver real, measurable value. That’s why we’ll schedule a Plico site visit first, to make sure our system is the right fit for both your rooftop and energy requirements. Already got existing solar? Then retrofit a Plico battery.

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