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When you join Plico, you become part of WA’s largest privately-owned Virtual Power Plant (VPP). You’re supporting the grid and accelerating WA’s transition to a clean energy future while helping prevent blackouts for thousands of homes. You also earn financial rewards just for being part of it. 

With the Plico VPP, you're part of a community of clean energy change-makers!  

Our VPP is the first of its kind in Western Australia, and its’s growing rapidly. We now have over 1500 households signed up – that’s over 14 MWh in battery storage. Our community of clean energy systems acts like one mini power plant, providing essential services to the grid when required. And just like any other energy provider, you get paid for providing these services.  

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What is a Virtual Power Plant?

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of distributed energy resources (DER), in our case household solar + battery and battery only systems, that is managed remotely to generate, store and transfer energy to and from the grid. VPPs can increase or decrease energy supply to the grid almost instantly, providing a flexible, cost-effective and clean energy solution to the support the grid.  

You can find out more about VPPs here and how we’re working together with Synergy to support the grid here.  


How does the Plico VPP support the grid?

The Plico VPP can be managed to bring the grid back into balance under both minimum demand and peak demand scenarios.  

When there is minimum demand, energy supply to the grid is high and energy demand on the grid is low. This can occur in the middle of mild sunny days when solar exports to the grid are high but there is low demand from homes, business and industry. Peak demand is when the oppositive occurs; energy supply to the grid is low and demand is high. This usually occurs on hot summer evenings when energy demand increases just as solar exports start to decrease.   

Both minimum demand and peak demand create a high degree of fluctuation between supply and demand at varying times in a given day, and both scenarios can cause serious issues for maintaining grid stability.    

The good news is that our VPP can help smooth out these fluctuations by managing supply and demand using our fleet of solar + battery and battery systems.   

The table and diagrams below explain the key differences between minimum demand and peak demand, and what Plico members can do to help.   

What happens during a minimum demand activation?
Peak Demand VPP activation

How do Plico members get rewarded? 

Plico members receive financial rewards for being part of the VPP, as well as credits for their energy. This includes a once-off VPP Bonus and VPP credits for the VPP period from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024. 

VPP Bonus - Plico members receive up to $100 for being part of the VPP over the next 12 months to September 2024.  

VPP Credits - Plico members are credited for their energy when the VPP is activated to support the grid. These credits are either applied on Synergy bills or Plico member accounts.    

Have questions about the Plico VPP?  Contact us at or sign up now to join WA’s largest privately-owned VPP. 

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Plico was started in Dunsborough, WA and now is backed by an award-winning team. While we’re focused in the short term on helping West Aussies transition to reliable, ongoing clean energy we have plans to expand throughout Australia (and one day, the world!) 
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