Ongoing Support.

In addition to offering a 10-year warranty, Plico also provides ongoing support for your solar + battery system throughout the life of your contract.  No need to call the manufacturer chasing equipment issues that could take months to resolve – if there’s ever a problem, simply call us!

What's Included

REMOTE, CLOUD-BASED SUPPORT We’re equally invested in your clean energy system. That’s why we monitor any critical issues using our cloud-based technology and team of technicians. Plus, you get free access to an online portal and real-time energy monitoring app so you too can see how your system is performing, no matter where you are. If something isn’t working, we’ll organise a repair or replacement if it's covered under our warranty. Wave goodbye to being on hold with your energy provider or manufacturer; instead, you’ll deal with our friendly Australian-based Support Team.
10 YEAR WARRANTY We’ve partnered with world leaders in solar technology. Our battery and inverter systems all come with an extended 10-year warranty - double what many other providers can offer. Our solar PV panels are built to withstand harsh Australian conditions and include a 15-year product warranty and up to 30-year performance warranty. Don’t waste your time on the phone trying to resolve warranty claims, we’ll manage the entire warranty process for you.
Quality Control We understand that the performance of your system is pivotal from the very moment it's installed. That's why we are committed to exceptional high quality control standards from day one, ensuring the highest optimal level of operation of your system from the beginning. Our rigorous Quality Control Processes and Inspections are designed to ensure that your system delivers optimal performance and reliability, so you get the solar savings you’ve been waiting for.
Financial Hardship

Access to apply for financial hardship via our not-for-profit association DCEP, which all members are part of when joining Plico

What's Not Included...

Nobody likes unexpected surprises from their energy provider. That's why we’re upfront from day one – so you can relax knowing exactly what you’re getting from your Plico Membership.

Plico's ongoing support does not include:

  • We can't support something that we can't see, so a strong Internet connection is a must. We require our members to provide Plico access to a stable and reliable internet connection so your system can be monitored and participate in our VPP. If you are living in Western Australia, it is also a requirement under the State Government Emergency Solar Management Requirements.
  • For solar panels to work efficiently, it's best they're kept clean and free of dirt and other light-blocking mess. The rain is more than enough to clean light dirt and grime from your solar panels, Cleaning is not part of our ongoing support. – If you have heavier than normal dirt or dust mess,  we can recommend some great local businesses who can help should you need it.
  • Most issues can be assessed and resolved remotely. There is not always a requirement to send a technician out to your property. Plico will, where deemed necessary send a technician to site once a system has been assessed and is unable to be resolved remotely.
  •  Your system does not require regular service visits from Plico. An occasional wipe down by you to ensure your system is clear of dust and debris is all that is required. Make sure your inverter and battery is located in an area with clear space around it, away from household items.

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