10-Year Solar Battery System Warranty

We Promise To Deliver
The Best Quality Solar
In Australia


Helping to solve the climate crisis shouldn’t cause you a headache. That's why Plico offers a 10-year warranty on all PylonTech, Redback and Trina PV Solar Panels used in our solar battery systems. Simply contact our Support Team with your enquiry and we'll repair or replace any issues ASAP – all included in your weekly payments. 

Certified Local Installers


We use only local Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified installers and guarantee the quality of the craftmanship. We also do our best to make sure you always see the same local friendly face if technical work is required – the same installer, the same after-service support, wherever possible.


Best Solar
Technology Available


We want you to get the most out of your Plico solar system. That’s why we utilise the best technology available to us. Not only that, we’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to new and emerging technology – keeping us at the forefront of renewable energy in Australia.


What's Included

REMOTE, CLOUD-BASED SUPPORT We’re equally invested in your solar system. That’s why we closely monitor it using our cloud-based technology. If we detect something’s wrong under warranty, we’ll organise a repair and replacement. Wave goodbye to being on hold with you’re energy provider – we’ll call you instead.
10 YEAR WARRANTY We’ve partnered with world-leaders in solar technology. Our Trina PV Solar Panels, Redback Inverter System and Pylontech Battery all come with a 10 year warranty – double that of any other provider. We’ll even continue to support you after your warranty ends. That’s the Plico difference.
HUMAN TOUCH Community is at the heart of what we do, and our people are the driving force behind the Plico Movement. You can expect to see and speak to the same friendly faces in whichever interaction you have – from site visits through to installation. That's real customer service. 


What's Not Included...

Nobody likes unexpected surprises from their energy provider. That's why we’re upfront from day one – so you can relax knowing exactly what you’re getting from your Plico Membership.

Your Plico warranty does not include:

  • Any issue that can be solved by remotely rebooting your system. Like many computers, 90% of issues can be fixed with a simple reboot (we'll show you how during installation).
  • We can't maintain something that we can't see, so a stable Internet connection is a must. We rely on our Members being able to supply the data through their ISP connection. No Internet = no data. 
  • For solar panels to work efficiently, it's best they're kept clean and free of dirt and other light-blocking mess. Cleaning is not included in your maintenance and warranty – however, we can recommend some great local businesses who can help should you need it. 

Still have Questions?

We understand there’s a lot to consider before you commit – which is why filling in this form will not lock you in. It’s just the first step to get the ball rolling and someone from our team will contact you to answer any questions.