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Installing Plico’s solar panels is a powerful first step towards achieving greater energy independence. In the future you might like to add a Plico battery and generate solar savings 24/7, but for now, putting panels on your roof is a simple way to start harnessing the benefits of our sun’s beautiful rays.

5kW Inverter range

Suitable for homes with low to medium energy usage

10kW Inverter range

Suitable for larger homes and businesses that require 3 phase power
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Energy Creator 25

Single Phase: 7.89 kW panels & 25.20 kWh battery

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Energy Optimiser 30

Single Phase: 9.96 kW panels & 30.3 kWh battery

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Energy Creator 25

Single Phase: 7.89 kW panels & 25.20 kWh battery

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Solar Victoria panels (PV) rebates + loans

Existing homes, homes under construction and rental properties in Victoria could benefit from a rebate on their solar panels from Solar Victoria. In addition, you might also be eligible for an interest-free loan, with Solar Victoria. If you’re installing a brand new solar only system, you can apply for either the solar rebate on its own, or the solar rebate and solar loan. 
Now is the time to grab this incentive as there are only a set number of solar panel rebates available.
Find out more here, and get started with Plico today. 

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Prices shown on the website are subject to a final technical review

Our pricing is subject to a final review from our in-house technical team or our installers for any additional items that are above the standard cost of an installation. Only the standard installation cost is covered by Plico under the VPPSA contract. A standard installation is defined as, single phase property with no additional switchboard upgrade needed, standard backup circuits, inverter/battery installed at a reasonable distance from switchboard, and an internet router easily accessible for ethernet cable.

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