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What good is a discussion on savings without a digital calculator to help out?

To instantly calculate your potential solar savings, simply input your MONTHLY electricity bill below (remember, bills often appear in two monthly instalments, so make sure you’re only entering the monthly amount.) Potential savings are calculated inclusive of the Plico weekly subscription fee.

You could save $894.69 annually by installing a Plico solar + battery system. Start generating and storing your power for use day and night – no more blackouts!

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Our savings calculator is based off the Energy Creator 5 system. The calculation is an example and not a prediction of exact savings. Once a site visit with a sales representative is completed, you will be issued with a proposal detailing exact savings.

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How much will solar save me?


Solar savings are dependent on individual circumstances. Factors that influence your savings are:

  • How high your energy usage is.
  • What time of day you use the majority of your power.
  • The number of residents in your home.
  • Whether you have battery storage.

Without solar battery storage, when the sun goes down, you'll be paying for your energy off the grid. This makes little sense as you've invested money in your solar system and want to maximise the work it does for you. A solar battery is the key to getting greater energy independence – generate, store and use your energy how you want to.

Plico is different to other solar companies in our payment method. Members pay just one low weekly fee, with no big upfront costs. This means that it doesn’t take years to recoup your return on investment; you can start saving from day one.


Is solar worth it?

There are numerous benefits to switching to solar power. Some of these rush straight to mind and some we need reminding of:

Save money on your electrical bills – Solar means less energy off the grid, which means lower electricity bills. Some Plico members experience savings immediately!

No more blackouts – With Plico’s solar + battery system, you’re able to store your solar energy to use whenever you need it. You can use solar energy during the night and blackouts - your battery has you covered. 

Greater energy independence – Be in charge of how you generate, store and use the majority of your energy. You can manage your solar energy through the Plico app. You have the power!

Helping our planet – Solar is green, renewable energy. You can live more sustainably without sacrificing convenience. Give coal the kick and help our planet, all while saving on your electrical bills.

No big upfront costs – Plico gives members solar panels, an inverter and a battery all for one low weekly payment. We offer no big upfront costs so that it’s easy for everyone to make the switch and start saving.

Ten years of ongoing support – Plico members receive ten years of ongoing support. We make sure your system continues to run at an optimal level.

How to maximise your solar savings

To maximise your solar savings, you need a battery. Solar batteries give you greater energy independence, which is the essential ingredient in lowering your electricity bills. It’s simple: the less energy you get off the electrical grid, the lower your bills will be. For as little as $30.90 a week, Plico will install and maintain your solar + battery system. Already got existing solar? Then retrofit a Plico battery from just $19.90. 

How much does solar save you annually?

The annual total of your solar savings depends on how much your electrical bills are. The larger your bills, the greater your savings. However, Australian energy bills have been consistently rising, to the point where most households can expect to save a considerable amount annually from switching to solar power. Use our solar savings calculator to find out how much you could save!

Why should you choose Plico?

Here at Plico, we’re disrupting the solar industry with an all-inclusive weekly payment plan that makes it easy for people like you to start powering their homes and businesses with green, renewable energy.

For as little as $30.90 a week, our qualified local experts will install solar panels, an inverter and a battery with no big upfront costs.

In addition, you can track your generated and stored power on the Plico app, empowering you with greater energy independence. Oh yeah, and we also provide ongoing support for ten years for no added costs.

Find out how much your exact savings and whether a Plico solar + battery system could work for you by clicking here and filling out the form.

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