Add a Battery to an Existing Solar System 

Your solar panels are hard at work capturing the sun’s rays but once the sun goes down, you’re back to drawing from the grid for your energy needs.  Why not retrofit a battery to allow you to store the energy that you generate in the day, for use at night?

Our battery solutions are empowering people to store their own renewable energy. And there’s no big up front installation cost.

To learn all the ins and outs of solar batteries, take a look at Plico's solar battery guide.

Battery Only Solution

Suitable for homes with low to medium energy usage
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Energy Creator 25

Single Phase: 7.89 kW panels & 25.20 kWh battery

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Energy Optimiser 30

Single Phase: 9.96 kW panels & 30.3 kWh battery

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Energy Creator 25

Single Phase: 7.89 kW panels & 25.20 kWh battery

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FAQs: Your questions, answered.

Can you add a battery to an existing solar system?

You can add a battery to your existing solar system. If you find a compatible solar battery, it can be attached to your system and begin storing solar power. You must have a hybrid inverter (able to work with the panels and your new solar battery), or you will need a separate battery inverter.

You should avoid attempting to add a solar battery yourself. Solar systems contain delicate electrical circuits and are potentially dangerous. Leaving the installation process to qualified professionals ensures the battery is installed safely and effectively. 

For more details, have a look at our article about adding batteries to your solar system.

When to add a battery to your solar system
With the right installer, you can add a solar battery to your system anytime. However, common scenarios are if a battery needs to be replaced, a household wants to eliminate the risk of blackouts and load shedding, or regularly charges an EV. Homeowners who add a Plico battery also join our virtual power plant, a healthy electricity system and the future of energy.
What does it cost to add a solar battery to a solar system?

The cost of adding a solar battery to your solar system varies based on the battery’s brand, size, and installation costs.

Larger batteries have a greater storage capacity. However, larger solar batteries require more materials. Unfortunately, more materials mean higher costs and a higher retail price.

Different brands of solar batteries have differing features and quality levels. Higher quality materials, historical performance, and consumer demand are factors that dictate price differentiations. For example, expect to pay more for a solar battery with a high-efficiency rating. It pays to learn the average cost of a solar battery to get an idea of the quality level you can afford. Fortunately, Plico’s innovative financial model means that you can have an industry-leading solar battery for one low weekly fee and no big upfront costs.

Installation costs vary based on the installer. Factors such as the installer’s desired price point, the current demand, the number of batteries you need to be added, if you need a new inverter or battery housing, and how far your household is from the installer’s location affect the installation cost. 

Once again, by becoming a Plico member, you can bypass the sting of these installation costs, as it’s included in your one low weekly fee*!

How do I know if a retrofit solar battery is compatible with my system?
The best way to learn if a particular retrofit battery is compatible with your existing solar system is to chat with an industry professional. A reputable provider and installer will know how compatible their retrofit battery is with your particular system. Plico chose to partner with the Alpha ESS Smile-B3-Plus because it has been created with the sole intention of being added to an existing solar system and has industry-leading compatibility potential.

And because Plico stands by its systems for a minimum of 10 years, you can be sure your battery will perform as it should.
Can I add more batteries to my solar system?
Yes, you can install additional batteries onto your solar system even if you already have a solar battery installed. Over time, you may have upgraded your solar system, increased your energy consumption or purchased an EV or pool, which means you want more energy storage capacity. You can accommodate this increase by installing an additional battery in your solar + battery system. Ideally, the additional battery you choose will be the same type as the battery you already have for the best compatibility. If you have ensured the battery is compatible, it is simple to expand the storage capacity of your solar system. 

Note that you may need additional battery housing infrastructure, depending on the battery upgrade. For this reason, modular batteries are a good way to future-proof your storage needs, as they fit neatly into the same battery housing.  
When to avoid retrofitting batteries onto a solar system
Batteries can be retrofitted onto an existing solar system, but there are some practices to avoid.

Firstly, consider the age of your solar system. Modern solar panels have an average lifespan of around 25 years. If the rest of your solar system is nearing the end of its warranty or performance life, upgrading your whole system makes more sense.

Secondly, don’t buy a battery that doesn’t fit your energy needs. The biggest battery is not always the best. It may not be necessary for your household and could result in storage capacity you never utilise (and higher costs).

Thirdly, don’t stray from your budget. Everyone has a different financial situation, and your purchase should reflect your finances. Decide what you can afford and shop with that number in mind. However, if you think your needs might change in the future then it’s a good idea to ask what the potential upgrade costs are. 
How to size battery storage for solar

You must consider the relevant factors when determining the right size battery storage for your solar system. These include your electricity consumption, your roof’s size and position, your solar panels and your budget.

Check out Plico’s solar battery size guide for an in-depth look. 

When should I upgrade my solar battery?

You should upgrade a solar battery when its performance is no longer meeting your needs. There are a few situations where upgrading your solar battery makes sense.

Like all technology, solar batteries have lifespans and will decline in performance as they age. However, the better quality of your battery is, the slower this process will be and the longer it will last. Read our article on solar battery longevity for an in-depth look at how long solar batteries last.

Another reason to upgrade your solar battery is because of damage. A reputable provider will supply a warranty for your solar battery. Still, if yours is out of warranty or without a warranty, this is a great opportunity to upgrade your battery.

Plico provides service and maintenance on all of its battery systems, so you have peace of mind that a Plico battery will work as intended by the manufacturer over the 10-year contract period. Plico members can upgrade their battery at the end of the 10 years and continue enjoying 24/7 solar savings with a new battery!

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