Joining together to
Change our Future


When it comes to rewriting Australia’s future, there’s power in numbers. When you become a Plico Member, you’ll join a movement of savvy homeowners who are saying ‘yes’ to clean energy. And it all began with the DCEP story.

What is DCEP?

The Plico project was born from the Dunsborough Community Energy Project (DCEP) and is now simply known as DCEP (a broader group not defined by a location).

DCEP began in 2018 by a group of innovators who were frustrated by the lack of action on climate change. They believed that for solar energy to be viable, it had to be affordable.

From these humble beginnings, DCEP expanded to Perth and surrounds – with plans to eventually expand across Australia.

Today, DCEP is the not for profit association that all Plico Members are a part of. Your $250 Membership Fee goes directly to the DCEP community fund, which will contribute to community projects and events.

Being part of DCEP will mean you’re contributing to the wider community and joining a group of connected-thinkers – those who are ready to spark charge and work toward a healthy and safe planet.

What is CEPCO?

When you join Plico, rather than becoming an owner of your solar battery system, you’ll become a shared owner of the company.

So who owns the assets? That’s where CEPCO 2019 comes in.

They’re the owners of your entire Plico system – including solar panels, battery and inverter. This way, your solar battery system will contribute to our Virtual Power Plant – which works toward stabilising the WA grid.

If this agreement runs for at least the full initial supply period, then at the expiry or termination of the supply period, we will transfer ownership of our equipment to you free of charge on the terms set out in clause 14.5(c), and this agreement will come to an end.

Our SUSI Partners

A project of this scale would not be possible without our ethical investment partner, SUSI Partners. They’re a Swiss infrastructure fund manager that is working toward a carbon-neutral society through investment. So, what does this mean for you? At the end of 10 years, SUSI will exit our business model and transfer their shares in CEPCO 2019 to DCEP, creating even cheaper bills for our members – as little as $1 a day! Think of it as the polar opposite of an electricity bill price hike. Plus, with their backing, you’re safe from disappearing solar providers!

Starling Energy Group

Starling Energy Group aims to democratise energy – giving power back to the people by putting you in charge of your own supply and use with effective solar panel and storage solutions. Starling believes in living well with minimal impact on both the environment and our hip pockets. Utilising renewable energy means you can enjoy life’s comforts guilt free, without the worry of expensive energy bills. Starling Energy Group is the service responsible for managing the Virtual Power Plant, operations management, installations, engineering, procurement and construction for Plico Energy. Plico Energy is a division and brand of Starling Energy Group that is focussed on supporting communities to develop, manage and own VPP projects.

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