Solar Rebates and Loans in Victoria


You may have encountered terms like 'solar rebate', ‘solar loans’ and 'small-scale technology certificate (STC)' while researching solar systems for your property. These can help you get the clean energy system you’ve always wanted without the big upfront cost.  

At Plico we can help you access these benefits, and then all you pay is a low weekly instalment. Some eligibility criteria apply, so read on to find out more.  


National Rebate: Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

This rebate is provided as small-scale technology certificates (STCs) and is available to all Australians. STCs vary in value, and the number you’re eligible for (i.e. the rebate you’re entitled to) depends on the size of the system you buy and your postcode. STCs are commonly used by solar system providers as a discount or rebate on the cost of a solar system or any other small-scale renewable energy system (such as solar hot water, small-scale wind, and hydro systems). Rebates have even been made available for the purchase of electric vehicles.    

Plico handles all STCs and factors the credit into your low weekly payment.  All you have to do is, on the day of installation, sign your STCs over to the local installer and we will do everything else from there.  

You can find out more by visiting the Clean Energy Regulator website.  

Victorian Solar Rebates 

Solar rebates are available for both homeowners and renters in Victoria.  

Who is eligible for the Victorian solar rebate?

The Victorian solar rebate reduces the cost of installing a solar system on your home. Check out the Solar Victoria website for the latest information on eligibility for the solar rebate.  

Who is eligible for the rental solar rebate in Victoria?

The rental solar rebate exists to help landlords pay for solar on their rental properties. Check out the Solar Victoria website for the latest information on eligibility for the rental solar rebate.  

How to claim the Victorian solar rebate

If you meet the eligibility criteria, the first step to claiming the rebate is to contact a solar provider like Plico to install your solar system. Your system must also be on the approved list provided by Solar Victoria (luckily, all Plico products are on the list).

Once the installation is complete, we will upload the quote to Solar Victoria and you will be asked to provide proof of eligibility. Once this process is complete and you are deemed eligible, your solar provider will claim the rebate and deduct it from the total cost of your solar system. If you’re with Plico, we simply reduce your weekly instalment.  

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Solar Loans in Victoria

If you meet the criteria for the Victorian solar rebate, then you may also be eligible for an interest-free loan for both a solar system and/or battery installation. 

Solar PV interest-free loan 

You may be able to access an interest free solar loan if you can prove that you will make savings with your solar system. That is, if the monthly repayments for your loan are less than what you save on your power bill. The value of the PV interest-free loan is the same as the solar panels rebate. 

Battery interest-free loan 

There are additional criteria to meet to be eligible for the interest-free battery loan, which is paid back over four years. Applications are made in two parts - an eligibility check and an examination of your finances. The eligibility criteria are as follows: 

Find out if you are eligible for these loans at Solar Victoria.  



Find out how much you could save with a Plico System.

How to calculate your MONTHLY electricity bill?

To instantly calculate your potential solar savings, simply input your MONTHLY electricity bill below (remember, bills often appear in two monthly instalments, so make sure you’re only entering the monthly amount.) Potential savings are calculated inclusive of the Plico weekly subscription fee.



You could save $894.69 annually by installing a Plico System and creating your own power from the sun! You'll be off coal and able to stay powered up if the grid goes down.

Our savings calculator is based off the Energy Creator 5 system. The calculation is an example and not a prediction of exact savings. Once a site visit with a sales representative is completed, you will be issued with a proposal detailing exact savings.

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