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Plico Team 21/09/2021 2 min read

Sharing our success: DCEP Annual Report

The DCEP Inc. Annual Report launched at the AGM this week highlights the community ...
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Plico Team 25/08/2021 2 min read

Everyone wins at Sustainability Expo

We partnered with BGC Housing Group to bring the BGC Home Sustainability Expo to Perth ...
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Plico Team 17/08/2021 2 min read

Town Team to join Plico Movement

We are supporting positive 'doers' in our community to build better, more sustainable ...
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Plico Team 15/08/2021 5 min read

Code red for humanity to go green

In the fight against climate change, we have essentially lost round one. Rising ...
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Plico Team 30/07/2021 1 min read

From little things...big things grow

We’ve teamed up with Carbon Positive Australia to combat climate change on another front!
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Brian Innes 12/07/2021 9 min read

How to prepare for a power outage or blackout | Plico Energy

The lights begin to flicker. Then it happens. You’re plunged into dark, eerie silence. ...
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Plico Team 07/07/2021 7 min read

Climate change is accelerating: Here’s what you can do | Plico Energy

A World Meteorological Organization report released in May says global warming is ...
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Brian Innes 01/07/2021 7 min read

Five ways to banish the energy bill blues this winter | Plico Energy

If the thought of your winter electricity bill gives you the shivers, there’s a good ...
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Plico Team 11/06/2021 1 min read

BGC Housing Plico partnership

Plico has teamed up with BGC Housing Group to offer new home builders the opportunity to ...
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