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Plico Team 23/05/2022 6 min read

Australia Votes for Climate Action

Climate change has been one of the hottest topics of this year’s election. Even American ...
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Plico Team 19/05/2022 10 min read

Why reducing emissions is important for voters this election

Election time is a chance for all Australians to evaluate which issues concern them most, ...
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Plico Team 18/05/2022 11 min read

What Are Community Batteries?

Community batteries have gained media prominence in the last few months, partly due to ...
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Plico Team 11/05/2022 28 min read

10 ways you can take action on climate change

If you’ve seen the news lately, then you’re probably across some of the devastating ...
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Plico Team 06/05/2022 4 min read

Supporting youth surfing in the South West

It was a coming home of sorts for Plico recently, as we threw our support behind the ...
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Plico Team 29/04/2022 7 min read

Unpacking the IPCC Climate Change 2022 Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has just released its latest report on the ...
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Plico Team 28/04/2022 25 min read

Can You Charge an Electric Car with Solar Panels?

There are two things at record highs: fuel prices and electric vehicle (EV) sales. A ...
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Plico Team 19/04/2022 7 min read

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Here at Plico, we’re passionate about solar battery technology. We recently wrote an ...
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Plico Team 12/04/2022 7 min read

What Are the Different Types of Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries continue to exponentially rise in popularity, and we recently outlined ...
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