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Plico Team 04/08/2022 10 min read

Takeaways from the State of the Environment Report

The Australian Government has released a new State of the Environment report highlighting ...
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Plico Team 03/08/2022 10 min read

Winter is the best time to invest in solar - here’s why!

If you’ve been considering solar for your home, you may have assumed it’s best to invest ...
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Plico Team 27/07/2022 20 min read

Does Solar Work in Winter?

Your solar + battery system will continue to work tirelessly throughout winter. While its ...
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Plico Team 19/07/2022 33 min read

Best Solar Battery Storage in Australia [2022]

The supply and demand for solar batteries continue to increase every year and are set to ...
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Plico Team 11/07/2022 9 min read

What is Load Shedding?

Load shedding is an emergency measure implemented when the energy demand surpasses the ...
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Plico Team 05/07/2022 17 min read

What Size Solar Battery Do I Need?

Solar batteries have continued to rise in popularity over the past decade, with more ...
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Plico Team 29/06/2022 13 min read

How to choose the best solar provider

Uptake of renewable energy in Australia is on the rise, and there’s a mind-boggling range ...
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Plico Team 27/06/2022 6 min read

How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels in Australia?

Here at Plico, we want to shed light on every aspect of making the switch to solar, ...
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Plico Team 20/06/2022 16 min read

How to Combat Cost of Living Increases in 2022

In 2022, Australians are seeing a significant increase in cost of living expenses with ...
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