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Plico Team 16/04/2024 17 min read

How to save energy and money in autumn

As the days get shorter and the weather begins to cool down, your household energy usage ...
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Plico Team 22/02/2024 12 min read

Plan your South West WA road trip with us

With summer almost over, many city dwellers make the escape to the beautiful South West ...
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Plico Team 15/02/2024 10 min read

Plico stabilises the grid for both minimum and peak demand

As Western Australia manages a hot dry summer, the Plico community is on standby to ...
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Plico Team 18/12/2023 5 min read

Will Santa's sleigh break my solar panels?

The imminent arrival of Santa Claus is causing some concern among solar households, who ...
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Plico Team 14/12/2023 9 min read

How (and why) to Save Energy this summer

Summer is typically the time of year when power bills increase - and with good reason. ...
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Plico Team 09/11/2023 3 min read

Plico community making a difference: DCEP Annual Report

Plico and our membership association DCEP, are driven by the desire to make a positive ...
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Plico Team 07/09/2023 24 min read

Why (and when) you’ll draw from the grid with a solar battery

We all want to power our homes with as much of our self-produced, clean energy as ...
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Plico Team 06/12/2022 6 min read

Plico making waves with Surfing WA

Plico has joined forces with Surfing WA to bring the message of clean energy to more WA ...
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Plico Team 23/11/2022 3 min read

From our CEO: Plico Solar + Battery Systems don't use LG batteries

You may have read in the media that there is a current recall issued by the ACCC for some ...
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