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Plico Team 26/03/2024 40 min read

Climate change reality check, hope and action after COP28

One of the most pressing challenges facing every inhabitant of planet Earth is climate ...
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Plico Team 22/02/2024 12 min read

Plan your South West WA road trip with us

With summer almost over, many city dwellers make the escape to the beautiful South West ...
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Plico Team 15/02/2024 10 min read

Plico stabilises the grid for both minimum and peak demand

As Western Australia manages a hot dry summer, the Plico community is on standby to ...
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Plico Team 12/02/2024 12 min read

Is the Plico payment a lease or a loan?

Plico’s payment model is different to what most other solar + battery providers offer - ...
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Plico Team 04/01/2024 12 min read

Busting the biggest solar and battery myths

When it comes to researching solar options for your home, it can feel like a bit of a ...
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Plico Team 14/12/2023 9 min read

How (and why) to Save Energy this summer

Summer is typically the time of year when power bills increase - and with good reason. ...
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Plico Team 12/12/2023 17 min read

How to have a sustainable Christmas

This season of the year, planning for and enjoying the holidays, can be a wonderful time ...
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Plico Team 14/11/2023 8 min read

WA's best beaches as voted by Plico

It's no secret that WA has some of the best beaches in the world (surely an opinion ...
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Plico Team 09/11/2023 3 min read

Plico community making a difference: DCEP Annual Report

Plico and our membership association DCEP, are driven by the desire to make a positive ...
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