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Plico Team 22/02/2022 7 min read

Solar Inverters and Battery Storage: Everything You Need To Know

Solar inverters are an integral component of your solar + battery system, yet they’re ...
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Plico Team 08/02/2022 8 min read

Ways to Store Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most accessible and widespread forms of renewable energy, and ...
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Plico Team 07/02/2022 7 min read

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

Australia has one of the highest uptakes of solar panels in the world. And it makes sense ...
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Plico Team 11/01/2022 8 min read

How does the Tesla Powerwall stack up against the Plico Solar + Battery?

Because of the widespread reach of its influential creator, the Tesla Powerwall has been ...
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Plico Team 07/12/2021 13 min read

Solar Battery Myths, Busted!

A rising number of people are beginning to realise that solar batteries are the key to ...
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Brian Innes 12/07/2021 10 min read

How to prepare for a power outage or blackout

The lights begin to flicker. Then it happens. You’re plunged into dark, eerie silence. ...
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Brian Innes 01/07/2021 7 min read

Five ways to banish the energy bill blues this winter | Plico Energy

If the thought of your winter electricity bill gives you the shivers, there’s a good ...
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Plico Team 11/02/2020 10 min read

Solar and Batteries for small users - why it makes sense

Fundamentally, most of us want to do what’s right for the planet when it comes to our ...
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