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Plico Team 18/12/2023 20 min read

When Will Solar Batteries Become Affordable?

Solar batteries are becoming more affordable for consumers. Since entering the market ...
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Plico Team 21/08/2023 18 min read

Why Won’t my Solar Panel Charge my Battery?

Solar panels may not be charging your battery if your solar system isn’t generating ...
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Plico Team 13/06/2023 21 min read

Can You Use Solar in a Power Outage?

Solar can keep the power running during an outage, but you must have a solar battery ...
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Plico Team 31/05/2023 13 min read

How Does Solar + Battery Work with 3-Phase Power?

Solar + battery systems are effective when using 3-phase power supplies. In these ...
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Plico Team 11/04/2023 10 min read

Can I Charge a Solar Battery Directly from a Solar Panel?

You can charge a solar battery directly from a solar panel, but it is not advisable. ...
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Plico Team 29/03/2023 18 min read

Where is the Best Location to Install a Solar Battery?

The best location to install a solar battery is inside your garage. Garages are ...
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Plico Team 10/11/2022 15 min read

Can I Add a Battery to my Solar System?

Yes, you can add a battery to your existing solar system. However, some solar batteries ...
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Plico Team 21/10/2022 42 min read

Getting the most out of your solar battery

A battery is a significant investment for your home and for your future. While it’s easy ...
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Plico Team 27/09/2022 23 min read

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? And What Impacts Their Lifespan?

On average, solar batteries last between 5 to 25 years. Lithium-ion batteries are the ...
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