Plico Team 17/10/2019 4 min read

5 Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

We are actively trying to help people take action to reduce their own footprint in a world where action often feels difficult.  We also want to challenge the notion that individual changes won’t make a difference.

A typical household is responsible for the release of about 24 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.  This is roughly apportioned into:

  • The energy we consume in our house – 7 tonnes (25 kwh/day)
  • The energy we consume in our transport – 7 tonnes (2,500 litres/year)
  • The energy we consume with holidays (air travel) – 5 tonnes (40,000 kms / per family)
  • The energy used to create the food we eat – 5 tonnes (15% of Australia’s emissions comes from agriculture with a large proportion of that being meat production).

We want to help get you down to 12 tonnes or below to have a positive impact on the environment.

Here’s our list of 5 things we think people can do easily to reduce their carbon footprint:

  1. Buy local
    Local produce has a lower footprint than food that’s been refrigerated and transported over long distances. Support local farmers.
  2. Holiday at home more
    Savings: 2.5-4 tonnes / per year
    Choose to drive rather than fly to your holiday destination.  WA is an amazing place to experience.
  3. Become a “Flexitarian”.
    Savings: 2.5 tonnes / per year
    Commit to 50% plant-based meals and enjoy the benefits of health and peace of mind.
  4. As our grid becomes cleaner, convert to an Electric Vehicle
    Savings: Up to 3-4 tonnes per year dependent on the energy you charge it with.
    We know this isn’t necessarily a quick fix so meanwhile, where possible walk, ride share or catch the bus.
  5. Join the Plico Movement (if you haven’t already ☺️)
    Savings:  6 tonnes per year
    Plico offers significant emissions reductions, $$ savings, blackout protection and community inclusion to magnify the reductions across many households.

Emissions produced? Less than half.
Feel good factor? Priceless!

By joining Plico Energy you’re not only helping protect our environment, you’re also providing a helpful hand to your local community and community is an essential component of our business.  After all: Together, we are stronger.


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