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Plico Team 20/11/2021 3 min read

Electrify Everything to make the most of your Plico system

Going electric makes sense when you are producing your own clean renewable energy at ...
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Plico Team 19/11/2021 2 min read

Win $3000 Cash for Your Small Business with Plico

We understand the effort and endurance it takes to make your small business thrive. As a ...
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Plico Team 18/11/2021 8 min read

6 Spring Energy Saving Tips | Plico

How to save energy in spring Spring can be a tricky time to manage your power use. It’s ...
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Plico Team 15/11/2021 3 min read

Shining the light on Plico's solar performance

Here at Plico, we are committed to achieving optimal performance across our community ...
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Plico Team 10/11/2021 3 min read

Champion Lakes creating sustainable future

Champion Lakes Residents Association was announced the winner of our Town Teams ...
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Plico Team 06/11/2021 3 min read

Fresh faces on DCEP Committee

Two new Committee members were elected to DCEP at the AGM in September. Long-standing ...
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Plico Team 01/11/2021 14 min read

What is COP26 and What Does it Mean to Me?

During November 2021, leaders from around the world will come together to discuss the ...
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Plico Team 09/10/2021 3 min read

Why young people want less talk and more action

Young climate leaders from across the globe had the opportunity to make their voice heard ...
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Plico Team 24/09/2021 6 min read

5 game-changers for a cleaner energy future

In 5 weeks, world leaders gather for what will be one of the most critical conversations ...
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