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Are Solar Batteries Worth It in 2022?

You don’t have to be a renewable energy aficionado to have noticed the rise in the popularity of solar batteries. With feed-in tariffs (the money you receive for sending your excess solar power to the grid) significantly declining, batteries offer owners the chance to increase their energy independence. Using a solar battery helps you generate, store and use your power on your terms and enjoy life without the hassle of blackouts or high electrical bills. However, are solar batteries a good solution for everyone? Are solar batteries worth it?


Do I need a solar battery?

The intricacies of incorporating a solar battery mean nothing if you don’t require one. So, do you need a solar battery? If you’re considering the switch to solar energy, or if you’ve already got a basic panel and inverter system, it’s almost imperative to have a battery incorporated into your system. 

Why? Well, without being paid to send the excess of your generated energy to the grid, you’re back paying for your power when the sun goes down. This is wasteful – earlier in the day you generated enough energy to keep your house running after dusk! So, to make your system efficient and economical and to get solar working for you, you need a battery storage solution.

If you’re not sold on solar just yet, a battery could be the part that tips you over the edge. With solar battery storage, your savings are maximised to a point where it makes financial sense to switch to solar power.


Are solar batteries affordable?

Some people object to getting a solar battery on the basis of cost. This expense is dependent on the battery's size and capability – the greater the kilo-watt hour (kWh) capacity, the higher the price. The range is somewhere around $4,500 all the way up to $18,000 (this is without installation costs). Solar batteries require long-term vision – over time, your continual savings and increase in energy independence mitigate this upfront cost.

However, here at Plico, we’re on a mission to make it as easy as possible for people to make the switch to green, renewable energy. We’ve eradicated these upfront costs and offer members one low weekly price for our solar + battery solution, with installation and ten years of maintenance included!


How much solar battery storage will I need?

This is an important question to ask – if you buy a battery that’s bigger than you need and that you can’t fill, the extra expense is money wasted. With some minor investigating of your most recent electrical bill, you can locate your ‘average daily usage’ and find the numerical figure of kWhs you use. From this, you can begin to craft an idea of how many kWhs you’ll need to store to use when it’s night-time.

If this seems like a confusing process, don’t worry. Plico has a team of specialists, and we can come out to your property for an obligation-free appraisal, letting you know the optimal size of your solar + battery solution. When it comes to the size of your battery storage, it pays to get it right – too small, and you’re still having to pay for some of your energy from the grid; too big, and you’ve spent more than was necessary. Sooner than we think, more of us will be charging an EV with solar panels at home, so you'll want to ensure your system can cope with this increased demand.


How long do solar batteries last?

Much like the cost of solar batteries, their longevity is subject to a diverse set of variables. Your battery’s life may span anywhere between five to fifteen years, this number being dependent on factors such as its ‘cycle allocation’. Plico’s battery leads the pack with 6,000 cycles, equating to around fifteen years of productivity. When looking at which solar battery system to invest in, also take note of the warranty attached. Plico members receive ten years of ongoing support and maintenance; our technology can monitor your system day and night to mitigate potential issues proactively.


How much money will I save with a solar battery?

This heavily depends on your overall energy consumption, but a good starting place is looking at our solar panel and battery savings calculator. Of course, how much you save is dependent on aspects specific to your situation – so give our friendly team a call on 1300 175 426 to get a more refined idea of your savings.

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What are the disadvantages of using solar batteries?

As we’ve already touched on, for most, the major detraction of solar batteries is their upfront price tag (something Plico members don’t need to worry about). Other disincentivising factors could be the increased maintenance of your system and the worry of having to go through the process all over again if the lifespan of your battery is short.

We understand these concerns, and that’s one of the major incentives that drove us to provide ten years of ongoing maintenance and support – to ensure that our members are able to maximise the benefits of using green, renewable energy in a way that is better than shared community batteries.


So, are solar batteries worth it in 2022?

Solar batteries are definitely worth it in 2022 and beyond. As solar feed-in tariffs continue to drop to negligible levels, solar panels just don't make sense without a battery. Without a battery, you’re paying for your electricity as soon as the sun disappears. Conversely, a battery gives you the confidence to be in total control of your power – even blackouts become a thing of the past. In addition, your financial savings increase significantly when your system has a battery, and if you partner with Plico, you won’t have those big upfront costs to worry about.


Want to know how much a Plico solar + battery solution could save you? Get in contact with us and we’ll be able to give you a better idea of the money you could be saving.