$36.50 a week

Installed - Serviced - Supported

Plico Packages:


$ 36
per week
  • For homes ready to transition to clean green energy
  • 6.6kW Solar PV – 5KVA Inverter – 7.1kWh Battery


$ 69
per week
  • 13.3kW PV - 10kVa Inverter - 14.2kWh Battery
  • For homes that want to connect with 3 phase power


$ 95
per week
  • 13.2kW PV - 10kVa Inverter - 28.4kWh Battery
  • A 3 phase SME Solution


  • We are working hard to bring you a battery solution that we can add to existing solar.
  • Complete the form to be added to our waitlist for earlybird notification.
  • $292 Mobilisation Fee applies to all installations.
  • Price includes standard installation and service and support for the life of the system.
  • Additional installation charges may apply in certain circumstances. Scroll down for details or discuss with our team. 
  • These Plico systems can not be added to existing solar panel set ups.  BUT – our Plico Retro is coming soon.  Want to go on the wait list?  Click the ADD ME TO THE LIST button and leave your details, make sure to select the “I have solar” box. 

Say goodbye to rising energy prices and hello clean energy - for the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Let’s face it, no-one likes paying their energy bills, but when you are paying for a system that allows you to create and consume up to 90% of your own energy, plus helping your community and the planet, it’s a much happier proposition. 

Add into that

  • full back up protection
  • technology upgrades; and
  • ownership of the company

and suddenly it’s an entirely different conversation. Ultimately, the goal for all of us will be to replace as much of our grid generated energy with self-generated solar as possible. 

That’s where Plico comes in! 

Plico provides a complete package of BATTERY, PV PANELS, INVERTER AND SERVICE – so you can kick back and relax…..saving your energy, 24/7.

We’ve all heard of solar – but adding a battery into the mix means you can use the power of the sun at night.

This really is a game-changer – for you, the community and the planet.  

Did you Know?

If your bills are $500 every two months, you will spend at least $60,000 over the next 20 years with your grid energy provider.


Our published pricing includes standard installation.  Variations that may incur extra cost include

  1. Double Story – safety/lifting equipment
  2. Steep roof – pitch greater than 28.5 degrees)
  3. Switchboard upgrades – sending us a picture of your switchboard will help us determine if this is required, however it’s not common.
  4. Tilt racking
  5. Black rimmed panels
  6. For people with 3 phase homes, we highly recommend a 3 phase Smart Meter
  7. Regional / remote locations outside of Perth metro and the South West may incurr additional installation fees.  Please talk to us to discuss.

Lifetime Value

There are many batteries on the market and price varies greatly. The Plico system has been created to make it as affordable as possible with low upfront outlay ($292) and from just $36.50/week – fully serviced and maintained by us.

The total cost of ownership of a Plico system over 25 years will be 50% of the current retailer contract, . Using the system efficiently will mean you are drawing minimal amounts from the grid, reducing your payments to your electricity supplier.  Many of our customers create 90% of their own energy with their Plico system.

The graph below shows cost comparison over 25 years (the expected life of your panels) across a variety of energy scenarios. This chart clearly demonstrates the lifetime value of a Plico Energy system as being a very cost effective option.  

Our contract is designed to be flexible with a payout schedule that decreases every year over the 10 years life of the contract.  If you sell your home, we simply transfer the contract to the new owners (or the contract is paid out as a condition of sale).

Small User

If you are a “small user” (with bills consistently under $300 every 60 days), investing in a Plico system will cost you $1-2/day more than you are currently paying to Synergy over the next 10 years (dependent on Synergy pricing and energy use).  This excludes any income you receive for selling your excess energy back to the grid.  Currently, this payment earns .3 – .10c / kWh for new solar uptakes.

After 10 years, when the capital equipment has been repaid, your ongoing costs for a fully serviced, maintained and upgraded system will reduce to $5-10/week and your savings will increase.  This means that you should ultimately save money over 20 years, despite a slightly higher investment in energy in the early days.  The feel-good factor of knowing you are doing the right thing for the planet?  Priceless!

If you fit into this category, have a chat to our team to understand how it will work for you.


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