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Community Energy Projects

By joining Plico Energy you’re not only helping protect our environment, you’re also providing a helpful hand to your local community.

DCEP is the Plico Association that is responsible for overseeing the compliance and management of the various local Sub-Committees throughout WA.

The DCEP name pays tribute to the Dunsborough community support and the original Dunsborough Community Energy Project, which holds a special place in Plico Energy’s short history as it marks the beginning of this incredible journey.

A core vision of Plico Energy is ensuring the continued improvement of the community, both from a clean energy and sustainable financial model, which is why we have also introduced the Community Fund – a central pool of funds that communities can invest in local projects they are passionate about supporting.

Each Sub-Committee will be responsible for deciding and implementing their community funds in projects, as well as promoting the Plico movement in their networks.

Anyone can setup their own Sub-Committee – all you need are minimum 300 participants with a shared interest or something else that brings you together. Everyone signs up to Plico Energy and away you go!


Community Assistance

For every system that is installed – Starling Energy Group will donate $250 to a Community Fund.

This Community Fund will be held within each local Sub-Committee. The money generated within this fund is intended to be put towards local community projects that enhance and assist the local community.

To receive this funding, local investment projects need to align with the principles and ethics of Plico Energy and the guidelines created for the Community Fund.


Utility Support Fund

Each Sub-Committee will also have a Utility Support Fund, which can assist residents who are experiencing a significant life event (such as unemployment or a major illness) and, as a result, cannot make their contract payments.

The aim is to encourage the community to be supportive to its residents in times of crisis.

The Sub-Committee will have the capacity to make payments on behalf of a participant from the Utility Support fund, to ensure they do not fall behind in contract payments. This money will need to be paid back to the Sub-Committee in time, so other participants can also make use of this fund if needs be.

The Utility Support Fund cannot be used unless participants meet certain criteria. It cannot be used for people who simply don’t pay their bills.

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