Bottle the sun's energy

Bottle the
sun's energy
to use at night

For $36.50 a week

Plico energy System

A Plico solar battery system
lets you run on the sun,
day and night.

We make it easy for you to generate up to 90% of your own green energy:

With no upfront equipment costs or tricky technical decisions.

Plus, installation, servicing and maintenance is all included.

Just $36.50 a week for a WORRY FREE system that can generate up to 90% of your energy and provide peace of mind against rising energy prices.

Founded in Dunsborough, and now expanding across WA.

As a business owner, why do I care?

It’s a tough year and salary increases across many industries are not likely to be occurring.  Perhaps consider supporting your employees to transition to a Plico system, particularly if your team are working from home more than before.  This helps your employees manage – and potentially save – on their energy bills.  The cost to you is $36.50/employee* but the benefit to them and to the environment is so much more valuable. (*FBT may apply)

Transitioning your staff to a Plico system can positively offset your environmental scorecard.  Shareholders and customers are becomingly increasingly selective about using companies that can demonstrate a proactive approach to the environment – and this is an easy win that makes a tangible impact.

How is Plico different than everybody else selling solar?
The answer is: Very Different.

We’re here to entirely manage and monitor and support you and your solar system (panels, inverter and battery) 24/7 so that you can get the maximum benefits out of your system.

Our system provides a backup circuit so you are protected from blackouts. Even if the grid is down for days – your battery will recharge.

Your system forms part of a “Virtual Power Plant” and the benefits of this come back to you, our members in the form of reduced fees.

“Payback” is a thing of the past.  You should be saving money from day one, bill on bill and year on year.  Add in the revenue generated by the VPP, and you are miles in front.

And don’t worry about any malfunctions or issues with equipment, that’s our job. Your system is fully serviced and supported for 10 years (and more if you choose).

Worried about technology?  If we need to introduce new technology to keep your system running how its meant to…we’ll do that too. 

All of that for a simple weekly payment of $36.50 and an upfront fee of $292.  

We call this our “Energy-As-A-Service” model, and its helped us win a couple of prestigious awards. 

Monitor your energy creation, consumption, charge and export all from one screen.

Web Portal Energy Management

What some of our members have to say:

Wondering if Plico is right for you (or your people)? Do you:

💡Have a power bill over $150 a month (with no solar/battery?)

☀️Want to save money on your electricity bill from day one?

💡Want to have a system that automatically manages your energy – storing it, selling, buying it – without lifting a finger?

☀️Want to have no hidden fees, charge catches or tricky sales pitches?

💡Want to have a team that is not only on call if have any issues but will also proactively reach out ASAP if they detect an issue remotely with your solar system?

☀️Like the idea of being a part of a community of solar owners helping to improve and stabilise the grid while also making positive local community contributions?

Fill in the contact form and our team will be in touch for a friendly, obligation free chat.