Terms & Conditions

May 2024 Promotion: New Members
Terms & Conditions 


May 2024 Promotion

Our May 2024 Promotion (Promotion) is designed to help you become part of Plico’s growing community and create a greater impact at a household and local community level and help tackle climate change, which impacts us all.    

Plico will offer you 12 weeks free if you sign your contract within the allocated timeframe, a Successful Installation of a solar and battery system at your home and otherwise satisfy the eligibility criteria specified in these terms and conditions as follows.  

By indicating that You wish to participate in the Promotion as indicated in the terms and conditions, You accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions at all times.   


May 2024 Promotion Terms & Conditions  

1. Definitions

1.1. Plico Energy, Plico, us, our, we: Starling Energy Group Pty Ltd and CEPCO 2022 Pty Ltd.

1.2  weeks free: means the first 12 weeks of Your 10-year contract with Plico, will be paid by Plico  

1.3  New Member: someone who has not previously had a Plico system installed at any property as part of the Plico Project carried on by Plico.  

1.4  VPPSA: a Virtual Power Plant Services Agreement made between Plico and its customers, in the form used by Plico from time to time.  

1.5  You: the person responding to or indicating an interest in the Promotion.  

1.6  Successful Installation: where an approved Qualifying Product has been fully installed and is operational at Your designated property in accordance with Plico’s policies, procedures and protocols.

1.7   A Qualifying Product: An Energy Creator 20, Energy Optimiser 20, Energy Enhancer 8, Energy Enhancer 8 +, Energy Enhancer 16, Energy Enhancer 16 +, Energy Enhancer 25, Energy Enhancer 33, Energy Enhancer 41, Energy Enhancer 49.

2. Eligibility Criteria

2.1  Plico may offer you 12 weeks free in accordance with these terms and conditions if: 

2.1.1  You sign a VPPSA before 28 May 2024, and you are one of the first 25 members to sign the contract since the Promotion’s launch (13/05/2024);   

2.1.2  You and Your designated property satisfy Plico’s conditions, criteria and requirements for entering into and receiving services under a VPPSA, including credit checks and title-deed checks;  

2.1.3  Your application relating to the installation of the Qualifying Product is approved by Your relevant energy retailer;  

2.1.4  Your application relating to the installation of the Qualifying Product is approved by Your relevant Distribution network service providers (DNSP);  

2.1.5  You and Your designated property satisfy all conditions to the installation of a Qualifying Product at Your designated property;  

2.1.6  Your installation of the Plico system is completed within 6 months of the signing date of your VPPSA;   

2.2 The offer is limited to three systems per Member. 

2.3  Plico may in its sole and absolute discretion make a final determination as to whether the criteria above are satisfied and whether or not You are eligible for this promotion. 


3. General

3.1  By participating in the Promotion, You consent to Plico and its related parties or affiliates using personal information (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) provided by You in connection with the Promotion for the purposes of facilitating the conduct of the Promotion, including to third parties involved in the promotion and any relevant authorities. In addition to any use that may be outlined in Plico’s Privacy Policy, Plico and its related parties or affiliates may, unless otherwise advised, use the private information for promotional, marketing, publicity, research purposes, including sending electronic messages or telephoning You. Plico Privacy Policy is available here.  

3.2  The award of the 12 weeks free is conditional on the eligibility criteria set out above. Plico makes no representation or guarantees that the 12 weeks free will be available, and You should not enter into any negotiations or contract in the expectation of receiving the benefit 12 weeks free, waived membership or other offer, or in reliance on any representation made by anyone other than Plico. 

3.3  This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Plico offer, except the Referral Program offer.   

3.4  Plico may cancel or amend these terms at any time on giving reasonable notice, at its sole discretion. Any amended terms and conditions will be made available on the Plico website.  

3.5  These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Western Australia.