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The awesomeness of Plico, as explained by the sun

Plico’s solar + battery system takes my power – MY power - and lets you store it to use 24/7 so households are saving on their power bills and avoiding blackouts. Everyone talks about how awesome Plico is for that but let’s remember who the power really comes from…

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Cleaner, Cheaper & More Reliable Electricity for Perth and South West WA

That’s the Plico experience: Energy to be proud of.

Now you can create the majority of your own energy to power your home both day and night with a solar energy system. No more bill shock, no more rising electricity prices and no more hidden fees.

So, how do we do it? We combine cutting-edge solar panels, inverters, solar batteries and software to help people across Perth and South West WA power their home and businesses when the sun is up – and when it’s down. It doesn’t get smarter than that.

Plico Energy Solar Monitoring App

How it Works

At Plico, solar panels are only part of the solution. We’ve introduced cutting-edge solar battery inverter technology – so you can now power your home day and night from stored energy, save money, avoid blackouts and contribute to the wider community.

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The Plico Story

At Plico, we’re not afraid to disrupt the WA energy market. We exist to push the envelope, create positive change, and of course – to help move the grid away from coal. With your help, we can rewrite Australia’s energy future.

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Chat with us about our complete system of solar panels, inverter and battery for your home, from just $36.90/week.

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Find out how much you could save with a Plico System.

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You could save $963 annually by installing a Plico System and creating your own power from the sun! You'll be off coal and able to stay powered up if the grid goes down.

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Clean Energy from Solar Batteries

There are solar panels, and then there’s the Plico solution.

Our solar battery and inverter systems power your home when the sun’s shining – and when it’s not. But we didn’t stop there.

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Community Impact

Building a Community to tackle Climate Change is at the heart of everything we do. It’s what gets us out of bed each morning. That’s why we’ve created our award-winning, community energy business model which ensures the benefits flow down to all of our members. 

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