Plico Partner Toolkit

Discover how to take your referrals to the next level with our Plico Partner Toolkit.

We want to provide our Partners with the tools to help them spread the Plico word to their community helping us transition to clean energy.

Our Partner Toolkit is constantly updated with new content so please keep coming back to this landing page for the most up to date content. Resources include posters, flyers, EDM content and social media posts. Plus, helpful notes on how to answer our most commonly asked questions. 

Everything you need to take your referral game up to the next level is in this toolkit.


Here's what's inside:

1. How to refer someone in person

If you’re at a dinner party, BBQ or happen to mention Plico in any conversation, the person you are speaking to can contact us the traditional way – by phone. When they call up, they’ll just need to mention that you referred them, and we will ensure the referral is in the system. It’s that easy!

If you’re more technically minded, you might have downloaded a QR code to your phone with your unique link. The person you’re speaking with can simply scan the QR code and they’ll be taken to the referral webpage (with your unique code).

To find out how to create and save a QR code, read the section below!

2. How to create a QR code from your unique link

To make referring someone even easier, you can turn your referral link into a QR code. A QR code is like a barcode that can be read by the camera on smartphones. Scanning a QR code takes you straight to the URL, or webpage, that you have linked to it.

You can easily generate a QR code for free online on your smartphone or PC using We recommend you do this on your smartphone so you can easily save the image, ready to share with family and friends.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to QR Code Generator | Create Your Free QR Codes (

Step 2: Enter your website or text - copy and paste your referral link (from one of the emails we have sent you). Select Generate QR code.

Step 3: Download JPG. A pop up will appear with a Free Sign up. You don’t need to sign up, your QR code is downloading in the background. If using your smartphone, you will be asked Do you want to download “frame.png”? with the options to view or download. Select view and then hold your finger on the image and save to photos.

Step 4: Your QR code will appear in your downloads folders if you’re using your PC. From here you can open and save to wherever you like, or send it to yourself as an email, or in Messenger etc, so you can save to your phone. If you are using your phone, you can check your QR code is saved correctly in Photos.

Step 5: To make it easier to find your QR code, add it as a favourite in your Photos folder on your phone by selecting the love heart in the bottom panel, or select Send (square with arrow pointing up) then Add to Album and select an Album.

Step 6: From your smartphone, you can easily present your QR code to your friends, family, business acquaintances, neighbours (whoever you know!) for them to scan with their smartphone camera. They simply click on the link and are taken straight to your referral webpage where they fill in their details. Then they’re on their way to becoming a proud Plico member!

3. Poster

You can download and print our bright A4 Referral Poster to pin up wherever you like! Think notice boards, your own small business, car window etc.

You have two options with the poster:

  1. Download and print the poster (pdf version) as is, with no editing. The poster includes a generic link to the Plico website. Your referees will need to mention your name when they receive a call from our friendly team. You can always choose to write your link or name out neatly underneath.

  2. Edit the poster (choose the png version) by including your QR code or unique link where the existing QR code is. Obviously, this option takes a little more work, so read on to find out how to do this. 

How to edit the Poster:

Step 1: Open your image editing software. This could be Photoshop or a free online program like Canva or

Step 2: Open the Poster (png version).

Step 3: Depending on the program you are using, add your QR code image and size it to cover the existing QR code on the poster. In Photoshop, iPiccy and other programs, you can use the layer feature to do this. In Canva, simply open the poster and then add the QR code over the top.

Step 4: Print!

Remember, you can always get in contact with us if you need any assistance.

Plico Partner Poster (2)

Download as a PDF:  Poster


4. Flyer

You can also download and print flyers to easily hand out to anyone. Like with the posters, you have two options:

  1. Download and print the flyer (pdf version) as is, with no editing. This flyer includes a generic link to the Plico website. Your referees will need to mention your name when they receive a call from our friendly team. You can always choose to write your link or name out neatly underneath.

  2. Edit the flyer (png version) by including your QR code or unique link where the existing QR code is. Obviously, this option takes a little more work, so read the section above for information on layering images.

Plico Partner Flyer (1)

Download as a PDF: Flyer


5. EDM Content

We have created a suite of EDM content to include in sends to your database. 

The EDM copy can be copy and pasted into your next send, all you will need to do is edit any personalisations highlighted in the document. 

Partnership Introduction

Cost of Living 

Solar Savings 

Blackout Protection

5. Social Media Posts

Social media posts are a great way to to spruik your Plico partnership. These can be shared on your personal profiles or on your business platforms. 

Simply download the png below and copy and paste the prepared post copy into your preferred social media platform and it's ready to post!

Social Media Post Copy





5. FAQs

We have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you when you get asked about your Plico system.

How much does a Plico system cost?

Anyone can have a Plico solar + battery system installed for a low weekly instalment.

How long are the payments for?

Plico’s service agreement runs for up to 10 years and includes ongoing support.

What if I already have solar?

We have battery only systems that can retrofit any existing solar system.

How much are battery only systems?

Battery only systems are available for a low weekly instalment. 

Will I still receive a power bill?

Your Plico system will provide the majority of the energy you need in your home. You will continue to receive a power bill that includes a small amount of consumption and a service charge. It will also include credits for any energy you export back to the grid.

What credits will I receive for solar exports back to the grid?

When you are producing excess energy (more than your household needs and after your battery has been fully charged), you will export it back to the grid and receive a credit for this on your bill. Called the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme, the current tariffs are 2c/kWh before 3pm and after 9pm, and 10c/kWh between 3pm and 9pm. Note that if your inverter is greater than 5 kW, you will receive $0 for the excess energy you export. 

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As always, if you would like any assistance please just reach out to the Plico team and we will be happy to help!