Support your boardrider club and get your Plico membership for $0.

Plico has joined forces with Surfing WA to bring the message of clean energy to more WA communities. Surfing WA HQ is powered by Plico's solar + battery solution. Now they're generating power from the sun to use day and night. 

In an extension of what has always been a close bond between the surfing community and Plico, the partnership means more Aussie boardriders can get a solar + battery solution at their place, while supporting their club.

When you install your Plico solar + battery solution, we’ll waive the $250 membership fee*. 

We’ll also donate $250 to the Surfing WA boardrider club of your choice*. Bye-bye sausage sizzle fundraiser! 

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Support your Surfing WA boardrider club in 3 easy steps:

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1. Talk to Plico

Simply fill in the form below and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to book your obligation-free site visit or phone call. Here, we discuss the finer details to determine which system is suitable for your home.

2. Get your Plico solution installed 

Once we’ve verified your needs and identified the Plico solution to fit, we’ll make all the arrangements to have your solution installed. Part of this is an app to help you track your usage! 

3. Plico donates to your chosen club 

Once we’ve installed your system, we’ll donate $250 to your chosen boardrider club*. Easy as that! (*Terms and conditions apply). 





Not only does your club benefit - you do too (now and into the future)

With a Plico solar + battery solution, you’ll enjoy: 


  • Energy bill savings and one low weekly fee starting from $30.90 
  • Generating, storing and using your own energy - night and day 
  • Protection from blackouts and outages 
  • Servicing & maintenance for 10 years  
  • No guilt for using the air con on sweltering days, and the heater on cold nights! 
  • Reducing your household’s environmental impact 

Plico is about power for the people 


Plico is all about making solar + battery solutions as affordable as possible for West Australians. We’re passionate about protecting our beautiful earth, and the future generations that will inherit it. 

That’s why we’re committed to partnering with community organisations who value the same things. When we work together to protect our planet and safeguard future generations, everybody wins. 

We're making clean energy more accessible with one low weekly fee, and no big upfront cost. 

Solar + battery solutions are a very tangible, very effective way for you to significantly lower your carbon footprint, while saving money and having access to your very own stored energy. And it starts from just $30.90 per week. 

An obligation-free chat with one of the switched-on Plico people is all it takes to uncover how much you could save on energy with Plico. You could soon be enjoying the benefits of your own solar + battery solution, like using your own energy at night and during power outages. Plus your club will receive $250*.

Book your obligation-free site visit 

Enter your details below, including the boardrider club of your choice, to receive an obligation-free call where we’ll walk you through some details and book a site visit.