Spotlight on a Plico Team Member

Asako Bliek

November 2021

Get to Know the Plico People. This Month: Asako Bliek, Process Improvement Manager.


We might be biased, but at Plico we consider ourselves blessed with a team of passionate, skilled superstars who make our mission all that more enjoyable. In celebration of our people, we’re bringing you a series of team member spotlights to help you get to know us a little better. We hope you love seeing the faces behind the Plico brand.

This month we sat down with Asako Bliek, our Process Improvement Manager. Asako has the great responsibility of looking after our member experience, and ensuring their journey with Plico is an enjoyable one. Asako spotted an opportunity to make Plico even better (which we love) and she’s a jazz fan (which we also love). Over to you, Asako…

  • Tell us Asako, how long have you worked at Plico?
    6 months.
  • And what made you want to join Plico?
    I wanted to join an innovative company that is working towards launching a Virtual Power Plant. With our growing membership, we’ll be able to realise the benefits of a distributed solar battery network and help transition the WA grid towards a renewable future.
  • Tell us about your role.
    My role has evolved with Plico since I joined. I initially conducted technical site visits, advising on the best solutions and solar layouts with our prospective members. From my time on the road, I realised there was an opportunity to improve the new joiner experience and streamline our business processes, helping to empower our team and better serve our members.
  • If you could tell people one thing about Plico, what would it be?
    One household at a time, Plico is reducing our reliance on coal-fired power generation which helps save you money and the environment.
  • What’s your favourite thing to do during your downtime?
    I like hosting dinner parties with friends and playing darts with my housemates.
  • Do you have any pets?
    Sadly no, though I am friends with a cute papillon named Mignon.
  • Where is the last place you travelled to?
    My last trip (back when we could travel) was to the Philippines for a surfing trip with a friend.
  • Name someone you’d like to meet, and why (dead or alive)
    Ella Fitzgerald as she is the Queen of Jazz.
  • What’s one thing you believe everyone can do to look after our planet?
    Reduce our use of single use plastics, and recycle them separately at our supermarkets.

Asako image

Thanks Asako! We’re chuffed to have you on board.
Stay tuned next month for another team member spotlight. Helping you get to know us better ;)