Spotlight on a Plico Team Member

Hansol Oh

June 2023

Get to Know the Plico People. This Month Hansol Oh: Plico Intern.


When you're on a mission to bring incredible things into the world, you need a team of passionate, skilled superstars who make the journey all that more enjoyable. In celebration of our people, we’re bringing you a series of team member spotlights to help you get to know us a little better. We hope you love seeing the faces behind the Plico brand.

This month we sat down with our new intern, Hansol Oh. Hansol graduated from Environmental Engineering in Korea and came to WA to pursue Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering. We love being able to share the ins and outs of the Plico Virtual Power Plant (VPP) with Hansol and get his insights on our operations. Over to you, Hansol...

  • Tell us Hansol, what made you want to join Plico?

    The renewable energy industry has become a global trend and is rapidly growing. While studying engineering, I realised my desire to contribute to society and engage in work that helps people. Plico is the first company in Perth to deal with VPP systems and is dedicated to positively impacting the planet. I wanted to be part of it, seeing it as an opportunity to prepare for the future and learn a great deal. 

  • Tell us about your study.

    I graduated from Environmental Engineering in Korea and came to pursue Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering in Australia. I am keenly interested in solar power. For my current Final Year Project, I am researching the Integration of Predictive Modelling in Perth's VPP system. My experience at Plico has been instrumental in shaping my research direction.

  • If you could tell people one thing about Plico, what would it be?

    I want to tell people that choosing Plico is not just for the Earth and the environment, but also yourself. With Plico's solar panels, batteries, and low weekly fees, I want to emphasise that it is also economically beneficial.

  • What’s your favourite thing to do during your downtime?

    I love surfing. Especially early in the morning. Arriving at the beach, watching the waves, paddling out to the lineup, waiting for waves with other surfers, and sharing nature brings a sense of happiness that only surfing can provide. Being in harmony with nature in the ocean makes me grateful for the life I have been given and gives me the strength to work hard and live with integrity.

  • Do you have any pets?

    I had a Shih Tzu named Bigboo who accompanied me during my teenager years and twenties. Currently, I have a cat named Hana in Korea. Hana was originally a kitten living on the streets. The winters in Korea are freezing, with an average temperature of around  -7 degrees. The day I first met Hana was extremely cold, and the little kitten followed me. He stayed by my side even when I tried to leave him behind. I couldn’t resist allowing him to stay for just one day. However, we ended up living together from that moment.

  • Where is the last place you travelled to?

    As a foreigner, each day I spend in Australia feels like I am travelling. Apart from that, my last trip was to a surfing camp in Dunsborough during the summer last year. I run a Korean Christian Surfing group, and we organise surf camp trips twice a year, once in December and once in July. 

  • Name someone you’d like to meet, and why (dead or alive)?

    Byoung-gu Oh and Jungle Kim. These two individuals are my parents. It has been about four years since I came to Australia, and during that time, I haven't been able to see my family at all. The longer I take responsibility for my own life, the greater my respect for my parents becomes. They are the ones who sincerely support me and stand by me no matter what I do. I look forward to seeing my parents soon and making them proud of my achievements.

  • What’s one thing you believe everyone can do to look after our planet?

    Loving our family, caring for our friends, and respecting others. I believe that taking care of our planet and preserving nature stems from a love directed towards future generations, surpassing even ourselves. And we already know how to love our family and friends. (And using renewable energy.😘)

Hansel Oh

Thanks Hansol! We love getting to know our team members a little better.
Stay tuned for another team member spotlight, helping you get to know us better.