Spotlight on a Plico Team Member

Jimmy Batt

December 2021

Get to Know the Plico People. This Month: Jimmy Batt, Southwest Sales Consultant.


When you're on a mission to bring incredible things into the world, you need a team of passionate, skilled superstars who make the journey all that more enjoyable. In celebration of our people, we’re bringing you a series of team member spotlights to help you get to know us a little better. We hope you love seeing the faces behind the Plico brand.

This month we sat down with Jimmy Batt, our Southwest Sales Consultant. If you reside outside of the Perth metro area and you talk to Plico, there's a good chance you'll come across Jimmy! When he's not chatting with customers about their renewable energy options, you might find him surfing the beautiful Southwest breaks or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Over to you, Jimmy…

  • Tell us Jimmy, how long have you worked at Plico?
    I have been with Plico 4 months now.
  • And what made you want to join Plico?
    My wife and I are planning our house build and my friend Tyler works for Plico - he explained the Plico model and how the solar battery systems work and about the VPP (Virtual Power Plant). I was sold on the idea of no initial outlay and running our house on renewable energy. A position then became available and I jumped at the chance to work with an amazing team and in the renewable energy space.
  • Tell us about your role.
    I am the regional sales consultant with Plico. So, anyone that connects with us and is interested in a Plico battery system outside the city will likely be put in touch with me. We will work together to find the right renewable energy solution for their home. My position is based in the beautiful Southwest, which I think creates a bit of jealousy from the Perth team, haha.
  • If you could tell people one thing about Plico, what would it be?
    The business is proudly locally-owned and was started right here in Dunsborough by passionate people that understand the incredible country in which we live. They genuinely care about making a difference in preserving/improving what we have for future generations.
  • What’s your favourite thing to do during your downtime?
    I am definitely guilty of having too many hobbies and struggle trying to fit everything in but my absolute favourite thing is getting out in the ocean and surfing the many incredible breaks of the Southwest. (sorry Perth team)
  • Do you have any pets?
    We have a golden retriever named Indah and about 20 kangaroos at any one time that seem to love hanging out on our property.
  • Where is the last place you travelled to?
    Amazingly we recently pulled off a quick 5 day over east trip to Noosa to get some proper tropical downtime in between lockdowns. We managed to pull it off without any quarantine and were rewarded with relaxing walks along the river, warming up reading books on the bank followed by a refreshing swim.
  • Name someone you’d like to meet, and why (dead or alive)
    Jamie Oliver. I’m a bit of a foodie and like to cook and am a huge fan of Jamie. I love his rustic home style of cooking and using as much garden and locally-sourced ingredients as possible. He just seems like a great bloke to have a beer with too.
  • What’s one thing you believe everyone can do to look after our planet?
    Do their best to stamp out using any single use disposable items.

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Thanks Jimmy! We love getting to know our team members a little better.
Stay tuned for another team member spotlight, helping you get to know us better.