Plico Team 11/06/2021 3 min read

Hot water system for solar homes

Need to replace your hot water system and not sure what system is best now that you have a Solar Battery System? 

It can be a difficult choice as many of the 'greener' options are not necessarily going to be better for the planet when you are producing your own clean, green, renewable energy.

We recommend you go heat pump or electric storage.  Here's why..

Heat pumps use heat exchange to absorb heat from the surrounding air and use it to heat water. They are more efficient than conventional water heaters, but they do use electricity.

Heat pumps do have a high capital cost; however, running them is relatively cheap. And if you are already producing your own renewable energy then you may be able to run yours virtually cost-free!

Electric storage systems may be a good lower cost option when you have a Solar Battery System.

Be careful though: conventionally, electric storage is the most expensive and energy intensive method to heat water. It's also not environmentally-friendly if you are using power from the grid.

If you use your hot water system during the solar window (aka, daylight hours) or when you have enough battery storage, you will be using your own renewable energy to run the system.  

Whatever system you go for, always remember to practice water efficiency and use your hot water during the solar window. Shower later in the morning, earlier in the evening and do your washing during the day. A timer can also help you schedule appliances so that you make the most of your Solar Battery Solution! 


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