Plico Team 06/12/2022 7 min read

Plico making waves with Surfing WA

Plico has joined forces with Surfing WA to bring the message of clean energy to more WA communities. In an extension of what has always been a close bond between the surfing community and Plico, the partnership formalises a further 10 years of mutual support between the organisations.

The partnership reflects the aligned values and purpose of Surfing WA and Plico in protecting the natural environment and creating a better future for all West Australians.


Powered by Plico

Surfing WA officially opened their new headquarters in Trigg this week, unveiling their cutting edge Plico solar + battery system. The impressive building overlooking Trigg Beach has been architecturally designed and features a number of sustainability features.

Most notable of these is the Plico 30 kW solar pv system and 32 kWh battery. The Plico system will ensure that energy used at the headquarters is sourced from clean, green energy right on the rooftop – which can be used 24/7 thanks to battery storage. The system also provides blackout protection, which ensure that events at the venue won’t be halted if the grid goes down.

The building was designed with low running costs in mind, something that was very important to a Surfing WA. Natural processes like ventilation and natural light have been utilised to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Therefore, utilising the sun’s energy to power the building was a no-brainer for the Surfing WA Board.

“My favourite feature is our state-of-the-art solar + battery power system,” said Surfing WA Chair, Mike Best.

“It has been designed to ensure that close to 100% of our power needs during our open hours will be met with a green energy solution.

“Just like we ride waves created by nature, we can also perform our work tasks courtesy of nature,” he said.

Born of boardriders

Established in Dunsborough in 2019, Plico has a strong continued connection with the surfing and boardriding community. Our founding team and Plico members were, and continue to be, members of the surfing community advocating for the preservation of our unique coastal lifestyle and landscapes. Our roots are therefore firmly based in this awesome community of change-makers who believe that riding boards and looking after the planet go hand-in-hand. Even our CEO, Robbie Campbell, enjoys catching waves when he’s not driving the clean energy transition at Plico.

“Anything that promotes health, wellness and stewardship for our oceans and coastline is something we are delighted to get behind,” said Plico CEO Robbie Campbell.

“That’s why we’ve supported surfing WA-affiliated events like Yallingup Shredfest and Taj’s Small Fries in the past.

“Now we’re taking that support to the next level,” he said.

Expect to see Plico at many more surfing and boardriding events across WA. We’ll also be frequent visitors to the Surfing WA headquarters in Trigg - both in and out of the surf!  

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