Plico Team 23/11/2022 4 min read

From our CEO: Plico Solar + Battery Systems don't use LG batteries

You may have read in the media that there is a current recall issued by the ACCC for some models of the LG Battery.

This announcement mentions Redback Technologies, whose SH5000 inverters we use in our Plico systems.   

While we work with Redback Technologies, the LG battery models that are being recalled ARE NOT the batteries we have ever used in our Plico systems. 

Therefore, this recall does not affect Plico members.  

If you are still uncertain about this announcement, please call us on 1300 175 426. 

Again, please be assured – this recall is for LG batteries, which are not the batteries we use. 

Plico Members are not affected by this announcement. 


Thank you, 

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Robbie Campbell 

Chief Executive Officer