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What are the running costs of a pool and how can solar help?

Putting in a swimming pool is an exciting exercise! But it can also be costly. Dreams of “I can’t wait to beat summer heat waves in my very own pool, invite friends over for afternoon poolside cocktails and teach my kids to swim” can quickly turn to “where did all these extra expenses come from?” The additional energy use is often an afterthought - but it soon becomes a focus as the bills add up.  

If you’re starting to worry that the extra energy your pool uses could make the whole exercise simply too expensive, help is at hand!  There are several things you can do to reduce additional costs and keep the dream alive. Let’s dive in! 


What are the running costs of a swimming pool?  

Initially your decisions will be about above/ below ground, materials used, and which colour you’d like your pool to be. Then there are installation costs, equipment, cleaning items, furniture and landscaping. 

Once it’s installed, the focus switches to ongoing running costs. Aside from regular cleaning, filtration is the major continual (and largest) expense.  

Aussie pools on average cost between $660 and $1,000 annually to run (for the pool pump - not including heating). At 2,000 to 3,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity, this is a big chunk of household energy consumption at around $23 each week!   

If you add a heater, the additional running expense can be up to $2,100 per year.  

So it stands to reason that investigating your energy options up front is a very smart move! 


How can solar + battery reduce pool running costs? 

Our Aussie sun produces beautiful sun rays just waiting to be captured and converted into energy! Solar energy is perfect for reducing the ongoing costs of running a pool.  

Hand over responsibility of running your pool pump to your solar + battery solution. Rather than drawing energy from the grid, produce clean energy with your solar panels to send to your pool! What’s more, any excess energy you capture during the day will be stored in your battery for future use (think nighttime, outages, and blackouts). 

Furthermore, if you thought having a heated pool was out of the question because of running costs, think again. When you install a solar + battery solution, suddenly your running costs are largely covered by the sun’s rays - so the luxury of early morning, evening and winter swimming becomes a reality. 

What's the best part about buddying your new pool with a solar + battery solution? There are no big upfront costs with Plico, and the standard weekly payment makes managing the cost of the ongoing energy use a breeze. 

Bring on the winter pool parties! 


Things you can do to reduce the energy use of a pool 

As you might imagine, there are things you can do to minimise your pool’s energy consumption. For example, cleaning your filter and pool cleaner regularly ensures they are operating as efficiently as they can. In addition, running your pump during the day while the sun is blazing (and your solar is cranking) helps you get the most from your solar system and reduce the energy you draw from the grid (and therefore the cost).  

Installing a pool blanket will help keep your pool warmer and reduce evaporation – saving you money on your water bills too!   

You can also “winterise” your pool to reduce energy consumption. As the term suggests, over winter you do things such as reduce filtration and chlorination - but you need to ensure you have proper maintenance measures in place. 

For even more ideas on reducing general energy use during spring, check out our latest article. 

The dream WA home includes a pool - but it doesn’t include the expense. Your perfect pool could soon be a reality if you pair it with a Plico solar + battery solution. Avoid that sinking feeling that so many people get when they receive their first energy bill after their pool goes in. Even better, you’ll elevate your lifestyle while reducing your carbon footprint.  


If you’re looking into getting a pool or spa, the best place to start is the Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living Expo (Perth, 10-11 September 2022). We’ll have a stand there - come and say hello! If you’d like to talk through your pool plans and how solar can help, call one of the switched-on Plico team members on 1300 175 426, or check out our Solar Savings Calculator for an estimate of what you can expect to save.  


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